I stumbled across a website, quite by accident, that sounded kind of like a profound Pro-Life site of God, if that made any sense. I won’t name it because it is so hideous and probably illegal. The home page showed a ‘late term abortion’. The child’s head was separated from it’s little body as well as an arm. The umbilical cord was still attached. It was a little boy. All this I saw in 5 seconds time, enough time to see this horrific photo and understand that this was a site that used violence like bombings and murdering abortion ‘doctors’. I recognized a name that was in the news from a recent bombing. I’m still stunned at what I saw.

Still, what I realize is that this particular late term abortion that I saw, as awful as it was, was no different than a first trimester abortion. It actually might be worse because an ‘evacuation’ literally tears apart the entire body of the pre-born child. I can only imagine what it was like to hold on for life while being sucked out of the womb in pieces.

President Bush is about to leave office but he left a nice legacy for us; National Sanctity of Human Life Day beginning tomorrow, January 18th.

One child at a time, one mother at a time. We will beat this.

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