According to, the White House website has already been changed to reflect the pro-choice message that the current administration supports. I cannot adequately explain how I feel at this time – it’s as if I can hear millions of voices suddenly silenced. My husband was nearly in a tussle with a brother in the Lord that happens to be black; this man was rejoicing as the new president was sworn in. As well, my husband asked him how he can do this knowing that the president will now be responsible for even more deaths through abortion than ever before. And as usual, this man was confrontational and brusk siting racial motivation to my husband. Another man that my husband talked to, also a black man, asked what the Freedom of Choice Act was – when he found out, he wept. This man wept because he knows the judgement of Almighty God will be upon us for this horrific thing. Any one who believes in God AT ALL should have never voted for ANYONE that supports abortion or any related issues.

Tomorrow, January 22, 2009, marks the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. I urge you and anyone you know to view a short video. It is an anti-prochoice ad that is being shown in some parts of the country that features the former Jane Roe. Click here to view.

When the Freedom of Choice Act is signed, not only will it allow anyone to abort at anytime during the pregnancy, but it will also allow civil suits to be filed against peaceful protesters who are only trying to save the lives of those that, according to the new administration, have no value.

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