This is a partial list of corporate contributors:
Whole Foods Market, JPMorgan Chase (including Chase Bank, & Bank One), Bank of America, Lost Arrow (Patagonia), Wells Fargo, Chevron (including Caltex, Xpress Lube, & Texaco), eBay (including PayPal), Carlson Companies (including Country Inns & Suites, Park Inn, Radisson Hotels, Regent Hotels, TGI Friday’s restaurants), Kenneth Cole, Nike, Midas, Marriott (including Courtyard Hotels, Fairfield Inn, Renaissance Hotels & Inns, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, etc.), Johnson & Johnson, Valero (Beacon, Ultramar, etc.), Wachovia, and Sonic (drive-in restaurants). -according to Life Decisions International-

Dishonorable Mention:
‘Outward Bound West, American Automobile Association (AAA), Kaiser Permanente, The Salvation Army, American Cancer Society, Dr. Phil Foundation, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), Camp Fire, Girl Scouts, Kiwanis Club, Rotary International, March of Dimes, Lions Club, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, American Diabetes Association, and the Young Womens Christian Association (YWCA). Involvement ranges from donating funds to pro-abortion groups (or allowing affiliates to do so), supporting anti-life causes, allowing pro-abortion groups access to membership, adopting an official pro-abortion policy position, and so forth.’ -according to Life Decisions International-

According to
‘Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), the nation’s oldest and largest abortion provider, is an organization which is supported by U.S. taxpayers. For this reason, it is the most well funded abortion provider in the nation. In the period from 1987 until 1998, Planned Parenthood received a total of $1.4 billion in taxpayer money, according to Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP). PPFA received $176.5 million in government grants and contracts in the period between 1998-99, roughly 75% of which (or $132.4 million) originated from the federal government’s Title X and Title XIX programs. Forty-four million dollars was provided by state and local governments.’

They can’t contribute if they DON’T HAVE THE MONEY. Consider where your money is spent to murder millions.

37 thoughts on “Contributors to Planned Parenthood

  1. Hello, thank you so much for this website. It gives me hope in this overwhelming battle, we are fighting. I have a question. I am going to boycott the companies that contribute to Planned Parenthood, that our family just recently found out support Planned Parenthood, but I would like to contact them and let them know that we will no longer be giving them money. I am not sure exactly who I need to contact to get the message. Would you happen to know the answer? Thank you for your time! God Bless You and your ministry!

  2. Iwas shocked to learn of all those contributors to planned parenthood.Iwill start boycotting them this morning starting with Valero gas in my car .that ends today .Also can you please send me updates on this list. thank you.

  3. This is an updated list (May of 09); remember – this is not exhaustive:

    Adobe Software, Agfa-Gavaert Films, Bank of America,
    China Products, CBS TV, BET, MTV, Chevron/Texaco,
    Cigna Health, Clif Bars, Color Me Mine,
    Dallas Cowboys, Disney & ABC TV, Dupont Products,
    E-Bay/PayPal/Skype, Forbes Publishing, Four Seasons Hotels,
    Gannett/USA Today, Glaxo/Smith Kline, Goldman Sachs,
    GWI Software, Hearst Publishing, Highsmith School Sup,
    Hooters Restaurants, Holiday Inn/Crowne Plz, Jax Jaguars,
    Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Kenneth Cole,
    Kernels Snacks, Kimpton Hotels, Laureate Education,
    Lettuce Entertain You, Levi Strauss/Dockers, Lost Arrow Products,
    Lowe’s Hotels, Madison Chemicals, Marriott Hotels,
    Merck Pharmaceutical, Microsoft, Midas Mufflers,
    Mutual of America, National Amusements, Nationwide Insurance,
    NY Times, Nike Sports, Northern Trust Bank,
    Oracle Software. Pizza Pizza, Qualcomm Comm.,
    Silicon Space, Sonic Restaurants, Symantec software,
    Tiffany’s Stores, Time Warner/AOL, Torstar,
    Vulcan Broadcasting, Wachovia/Wells Fargo, Whole Foods Markets,
    William Companies ,Winter Hawks, Working Assets ,
    Wyeth Pet Foods, YSI Environmental, Secular Media

  4. I was looking up contributors to planned parenthood so I could show more support for them. Planned Parenthood is a great organization that allows but does not encourage abortion. They DO NOT ever suggest abortion as birthcontrol and I resent your lack of knowlege about this subject.

  5. Certainly, your approval of the slaughter of unborn children is apparent; and you being ‘upset’ by my post is not only unnoticed but unheeded.

    Typically, young feminists that have no real life experience haven’t a clue as to what really happens in these ‘clinics’ but they enjoy the chanting and verbal abuse they assail peaceful, praying Prolifers. Abortion advocates choose to believe someone that placates their vanity and liberal agenda: Planned Parenthood and the like.

  6. When I went to planned parenthood I was under the impression that they would help me find a home for my unborn child since I was in an abusive relationship. Instead they told me that at 13 weeks (1 week over the legal minimum, but they could fix that), I was only pregnant with a “mass of tissues” and that a baby had not formed yet. I assumed that they were right and I was wrong because they were doctors and nurses and I should trust them, they would not lie right? Because of those liars I have had a lifelong battle with depression, weight gain and health problems. Abortion affects people in a variety of ways, spiritual, physical and mental ways. I have a sister in law that had an abortion, and she died at 40,,,breast cancer. My mom used to take the pill, a form of abortion in the type of pill she had, cancer at 38. I am, thankfully, 43 and cancer free, but I know the danger is there thanks to the liars at Planned Parenthood. The misnomer Planned Parenthood is repugnant. The clinics should just be called what they are “Life Termination Facilities Inc.”

  7. How I wish I had never believed the LIE, either. Thanks for your testimony!

  8. Thank you for your listing of supporters of Planned Parenthood. Do you know if the MS Society sends funds to them?? I am a cyclist and have always ridden their ride but you have to get $200 in sponsors before you can ride. Last year just prior to the ride someone asked me if they helped fund Planned Parenthood…..I did some of my own searching and called the local chapter who said they did not. Is this true or are they too a supporter? Thanks for your help. And for the lady who thinks they are a great organization I recommend reading the book “UnPlanned” by Abby Johnson to see the real face of Planned Parenthood

  9. As a whole, the MS Society may not support PP but local chapters may. It’s the same way for Susan G. Komen and the United Way. As I shop, I look to see if their corporate office financially supports PP and alot of times it’s up to the franchise or specific community, such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. However, I am of the mind to lump it all into the pot because corporate did not specifically say NOT to financially support PP. Abby Johnson has done some very good things, but she does not support Life in the event of rape and/or incest. I have issue with that…all Life is sacred regardless of how it happened. I do appreciate her for ‘outing’ how PP really works. The American public needed to know how PP does business.

  10. I really wish lists like these showed why they are on the list so we can use our judgement.

    For instance, I would not want to do business with an active supporter, but at least one co. is on there because a single time, years ago, never repeated one branch of employees made a donation to some sort of PP fundraiser. (Disney, if you’re curious)

    To me the two are not one and the same. Once you get on a list like this how will you ever get off? I’d like more info myself.

  11. Some supporters of PP is a hit and miss, meaning not all ‘chapters’ cooperate in supporting them. Then you’ll find a supporter that really shocks you – like the Girl Scouts. When I was a kid, the Girls Scouts was for fun, not the ’empowerment’ of ‘young women’ with thru ‘reproductive health’: AKA Planned Parenthood. However, when you delve into this you’ll find out where your money is going. THAT is what concerns me; we work hard for our money and I don’t want to glorify abortion in the process.

  12. A late comment to Elena Morris’ post — FYI, Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States, operating several clincs. Even their so-called health services for women involves ONLY referrals to doctors. For example, they do not perform mammograms — although their advertising leads you to believe they do. They sell or give away birth control devices which often fail. Guess where their “counselors” lead them — yes, to their OWN abortion clinics. Do you see a conflict of interest here? There is so much more to this. I would recommend viewing “Blood Money” — an expose about the abortion industry. Credible? Well, consider that former abortion clinic operators explain what’s behind all this. You guessed it — it’s $$$. Time for all of us to wake up.

  13. This week, a church I know of is showing Blood Money; a doctor in Northern Ohio has stackes of the movie ‘180’ for anyone that wants one. The government won’t talk about this so it’s up to us as a society to expose not only Planned Parenthood but who actually supports it. The government is quietly trying to keep ‘unwanted’ babies from using the government dime if they have the audacity to be born. Abortion INTENTIONALLY kills an unborn child, everytime. Thanks for your comment, Ray! You’re spot on.

  14. I don’t want my tax dollars funding this ABOMINATION. BTW, those of you who support it and Planned Parenthood — DO YOU KNOW THE HISTORY? Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, said “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” Black America is the only minority decreasing in this country…perhaps Maggie is getting her way. What an outrage! Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the U.S. The vast majority of their clinics are in minority communities. In the last ten years, government funding for Planned Parent hood has doubled…and so has the number of abortions it provides. Then look at the list of private and corporate donors: America has the blood of the innocents on its hands – God help us all. Those of you who foolishly believe that PP is just a nice group of people helping women with their “health,” you need to get educated: these places are death mills for the unborn AND traps for many women who never regain peace in their mental, spiritual, and emotional life again once they’ve been there.

    Please: read about Sanger and the real goals of PP –,

  15. I was under the impression that Starbucks supports/contributes affirms PP. ANYONE know of this?

  16. I have heard this about Starbucks, too. I stood up in my church a couple of Sundays ago asking our members not to buy Girl Scout cookies because of their affiliation with PP.

  17. What constitutes “Dishonorable Mention” and how is that different from Corporate Sponsors. I can’t believe Tiffany’s is on this list. Killing future customers — that just doesn’t make sense. And Johnson & Johnson, they make baby products for crying out loud. I am specifically looking for American Heart Association. I hope I’m safe in assuming St. Jude’s is not a contributor. That would be an oxy-moron!

  18. God Bless you for replying. Every American needs to know where their hard earned money is going. Komen gives to Planned Parenthood (maybe that is being revisited?)…you should see the corporate contributors to Komen.

  19. Of course I don’t mind! People need to know where their money goes. God Bless you for caring!

  20. I am a member of an investment club and it was brought to our attention to check if we own any stocks that donate to planned parenthood. I was in charge of seeking this information out and was shocked to find we own three of these corporations….Johnson and Johnson, Chevron and Oracle. We will first write to these companies and tell them we will be selling their stock if they continue to support PP. Thanks for informing us with this information.

  21. That is exactly the correct attitude we all need to have to take on these corporations to defund Planned Parenthood.

  22. Sadly, my daughter just joined Girl Scouts this past year. We are taking her out and joining Heritage Girls. It’s sad that GS is in support of PP, they are killing their future scouts.

  23. Reblogged this on shaynroby and commented:
    I will reblog this list and will do my very best to try to boycott these companies and encourage others to do so as well. God bless you Kat.

  24. I called the corporate headquarters of Sonic and they said they do not contibute to planned parenthood. She said maybe some of their individual store owners might but they as a company do not.

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