Baby Shanice is getting her due

This past Monday, this blogger wrote (or this writer blogged?) a certain story from the Miami-Dade county of Florida regarding not only a partial-birth abortion which is heinous enough, but the child had been born alive and subsequently murdered by the abortionists’ helper. You can read the actual complaint here. The complaint was filed by The Thomas More Society, a Pro-Life law center. The complaint charges: unlicensed and unauthorized medical practice, botched abortions, evasive tactics, false medical records and the killing, hiding and disposing of the baby.

What is interesting is that it took five full days for the Drudge Report and Fox News to post the story. And, as it happens, the incident took place over 2 years ago. It took this long for the story to become public knowledge. Read the Fox News health blog regarding this story here.

More often than not, there are many more stories like this that we will never hear about. This new administration will say that the reason why these things happen is because they did not do the abortion PROPERLY.

Stories like this will be ‘normal’ if the Freedom of Choice Act becomes law.

Murder, plain and simple, MURDER. When does abortion become a HATE CRIME?


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