20/20 vision

Can’t see the forest for the trees? Are you looking for your glasses and you find them on top of your head? Do you also have a problem spotting the obvious?

Me too.

I’m reading the news feeds I subscribe to and see a story in the National Right to Life site regarding ultrasounds and abortions. What I mean is that most states that are pro-life-ish want ultrasounds shown to the mother so she may have the chance to not choose death for her baby. But what we (or at least I) didn’t know is that these ultrasound machines are already there – to make sure all of the baby’s body parts are removed from the womb after the abortion. I did a double take on that. Then I remembered someone this happened to many years ago; they did the ultrasound before the abortion and did not show the mother the screen, nor offered to. And, yes, she went through with the abortion. If you have ever seen an ultrasound, you’ll remember seeing the child bouncing and flipping around and his/her little heart beating. Suddenly, the baby is REAL.

Anyway, I found the glasses on top of my head AGAIN and started snooping. States like Wyoming are continually striking down legislation regarding showing the ultrasound to the mother before the procedure. WHY??? Ahhh, I say….greed. Abortions make money! Ask any other hit man, money is the reason why they kill.

I wonder how a person would feel with a gun pointed to their forehead and the potential shooter is their mother?


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