Keep Infants with Down Syndrome is a work led by Eileen Haupt and Leticia Velasquez, who both have daughters with Down syndrome. Calling their endeavor “KIDS”–for Keep Infants with Down Syndrome–they organized a group of more than 40 family members and friends of children with Down syndrome to attend this year’s annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. As Haupt said, “The one thing that prenatal testing cannot tell you is the unspeakable joy that your child with Down syndrome will give you.” Read the entire article here.

Incredibly, 84 – 94% of babies that are diagnosed in utero with Down Syndrome will be aborted. These tests are typically about 90% accurate. And, 70% of all pregnant women will have prenatal screening tests including amniocentesis and/or chorionic villus sampling which can harm the child; either with handicaps or death.

Women get prenatal tests to determine if the preborn child is perfect enough for them. In other words, not too much trouble to deal with or care for. ‘Perfect’ children are born everyday that will grow up to be President OR serial killers, or child rapists, or makers of meth labs, etc. ‘Perfect’ children can grow up to know cancer, AIDS, Parkinson’s, etc.

Most handicapped preborn children will never be born because of the mother and father’s selfishness and the advent of prenatal testing. But, I’ll bet they’d adopt a dog with three legs.


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