Making abortion even EASIER.

The RU-486, the ‘abortion pill’ (medical abortion), is chosen for nearly 15% of all abortions and the numbers are increasing. Family practice doctors, gynecologists and other physicians are beginning to prescribe it to their patients instead of sending them to an abortionist. Keeping the ‘business’ close to home, I’d say. This way, women wouldn’t have to be subjected with pro-lifers protesting – we’re quite a nuisance, you know. Mothers want ‘privacy’ when killing their preborn children.

“Fortunately, the abortion pill hasn’t caught on like it could have. The bloody, painful, taxing reality of RU486/PG abortions has been too big of an elephant to hide in the living room of the abortion industry’s makeover campaign. Despite the new packaging, the product is still the same old death and danger that they’ve been peddling since 1973,” in an article according to National Right to Life. Read it here.

Using the RU-486 is just as deadly to the mother as vacuum abortion – 1 in 200,000 – except for the nearly 4,000 children that die as a result of the abortion.

The God-less liberal media has turned sex into a lifestyle instead of an act between a husband and wife. Women all over the world opt to have sex and worry about it later.


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