Babies thrown out with the trash.

In a story originally dated March 10th of 2008, WDIV of Detroit reported a police raid on an abortion clinic in Oakland County at Women’s Care Clinic. Reports say, “This is a response to a citizen’s complaint that the personnel at this clinic may have been improperly disposing of medical waste and hazardous materials,” said one investigator. According to police, investigators are looking for discarded fetuses and patient information, says the original report. They found what they were looking for.

The dumpster is used by Dr. Alberto Hodari who performs abortions at the clinic. The doctor owns Womancare, Inc., a chain of abortion clinics. He not only throws away babies, but the patient abortion records, allegedly of minors, victims of statutory rape.

Jennifer McCoy, was 16 years old in 1988 when she discovered that she was pregnant. According to an Operation Rescue press release, Hodari knew of the illegal relationship between McCoy and her teacher, but instead of reporting the statutory rape, he took her teacher’s money and performed the abortion instead. Her teacher took her to the clinic under the guise of getting prenatal care. “I tried to get up from the table. I actually tried to sit up, and he (Dr. Hodari) pushed me back down on the table and told me if I moved I could die. It would be over in five minutes and I could go on with my life. I was scared to death at that point that what he said was true, and so all I could do is lay there and cry.”

Also know that four of Dr. Hodari’s patients died due to abortions he performed. For now Hodari has only been sentenced to six months of probation on one count of illegally disposing abortion records. Hodari has admitted he does not wash his hands between abortions.

I lived in the Detroit area and this story was kind of an ‘urban legend’ 15 years ago of Hodari throwing out aborted babies in his dumpster. I am ecstatic to see Hodari will be shut down – it’s just a matter of time and due process. Your sin will ALWAYS find you out.


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