Col-o-ny [kol-uh-nee]; noun

As a self-professed news junkie, I look at tons of online newspapers and magazines looking for local news regarding pro-life issues. I came across an article in the San Francisco Chronicle regarding a local pastor, Walter Hoye of Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, that was arrested and sentenced for getting closer than 8 feet from women, staff or escorts entering the buildings of abortion providers; they call it a ‘medical zone’. He is the first one arrested, charged and sentenced for the new law in Oakland, California. Read the entire article here. Praise the Lord, Brother – we need more like you!

As disturbing as that is, here is the part of the article that is quoting a local abortion provider that made my blood run cold: Katrina Cantrell, associate executive director of Women’s Health Specialists, said, “When anyone restricts access to reproductive health services, every woman affected is a living example of a colonized body.” I’m still perplexed and stunned. A colonized body? Is that what a woman’s body is reduced to?

The dictionary says: col-o-ny [koluh-nee]; noun def: any people or territory separated from but subject to a ruling power. Colonize; to migrate to and settle in; occupy as a colony.

That being said, are we not able to govern our own bodies? Is the new administration taking that away? Of course they are; read the Freedom of Choice Act and you’ll see that the holes in that document can hold an ocean or two. Viability is coming around, sooner rather than later, to assume your value as you live on this earth and your value can go up and down, and accordingly, subject to termination.

FYI – I couldn’t find a photo of Katrina Cantrell – I wonder why…


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