I’m not buying what Obama is selling.

Last evening, the American people had the opportunity to get to know my Governor, Bobby Jindal. Most of America may not know him, but after Hurricanes Gustave and Ike came through we in Louisiana got to know him quite well. We rode out the storm and watched the Governor on a battery operated television for hours waiting for the storm to pass. It was after the storm that we saw Jindal in action to get us back on track. It was my first hurricane; I was impressed. In my opinion, he did an incredible job getting all of our needs met as quick as humanly possible. He is analytical as well as compassionate.

Apparently, anyone can read from a teleprompter, as Obama proved last evening. He was propped up, dressed up and did not waiver from the written text. Quite honestly, I was surprised that Nancy Pelosi didn’t bring her pom-pons. I have never seen quite so pitiful a sight.

Republicans are ready to set up a recovery system after this Obama thing is over and Bobby Jindal is exactly the man to do the job. I sincerely hope that he runs for President in 2012. If Obama or someone like him continues in the Oval Office, we will see socialism at it’s finest. Stimulus does not work if jobs are not created; after GM got their money, they laid off tens of thousands – AFTER they got the billions they asked for to help KEEP jobs. What a farce.

While Obama was signing away the lives of the preborn and infants born alive from initiated abortion, Jindal was keeping us safe and calm when the storm passing over us.


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