Since the advent of in vitro fertilization and upscale fertility clinics, it has finally gotten to the point that all pro-lifers suspected would eventually happen – designer children. The technology is here to test each embryo for eye color, hair color, sex, disabilities – the ‘science’ is based on a lab technique called preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD.

Doctors then select an embryo free from ‘rogue’ genes – or in this case an embryo with the desired physical traits such as blonde hair and blue eyes – to continue the pregnancy, and discard any others. This involves testing a cell taken from a very early embryo before it is put into the mother’s womb.

def: DISCARD dis-card -verb [v. di-skahrd] to cast aside or dispose of; get rid of.

The unused, or unwanted preborn children are thrown away while still in the lab. These children are not conceived, they are manipulated to make a child. And, if that child is not up to par, they are quietly tossed out as trash. The super race that Hitler was trying to create is now quite possible and without genetic disabilities or disease.

It is not out of the realm of reality that the public will be able to ‘purchase’ a preborn perfect child to be implanted in the woman at her convenience, with or without a husband.

New legislation in the UK, due to come in April, will allow IVF mothers to name anyone as “father” on the birth certificate – even another woman.

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