Abortion, Arkansas and the ERA

Douglas Johnson, the legislative director of National Right to Life, said in a statement given to LifeNews.com last year why the pro-life groups oppose the bill, “Many ERA supporters were not candid with the legislators, and that came back to bite them,” he said. “Some lawmakers changed their minds, once they learned how ERAs have been used to require tax funding of abortion.”

The state of Arkansas has banned abortion since BEFORE Roe v. Wade.

A new proposal to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment has failed in Arkansas, 27 years after a federal deadline to accept the anti-discrimination measure. The Senate Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs voted 4-4 on the resolution, dashing hopes that it could be considered by the full Senate.

Backers of the resolution said they hoped to try again with the measure, which is also pending before a House committee. Opponents said they believed it would allow same-sex marriage and government-funded abortions in Arkansas. The amendment states that the equality of rights “shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.”

John DiPippa, dean of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H. Bowen School of Law, said it was highly unlikely the Supreme Court would decide that the ERA has anything to do with abortion funding or same-sex marriage.

I remember when women just wanted to be paid equal to their male co-workers. Somehow, baby killing snuck in there.

Equal rights for all is understandable – however, over the years women have been bombarded by the democratic government agenda, since Roe v. Wade, that they should have rights to do with their bodies as they wish, including killing an unborn child.

How does a woman killing one’s own unborn child make a woman equal to a man?


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