Quest for Life


“Eliminating abstinence-only programs and moving toward a more comprehensive approach to sex education is both good policy and good politics. Comprehensive sex education is based on scientific considerations and in sync with what polls repeatedly show parents want for their children,”  according to Guttmacher. That’s like giving the car keys to a drunk.

Still, all of the sex-ed in the world is still not going to keep these girls from getting pregnant. Their lives are socially driven and they have little to no responsibility for anything. Most of these teens don’t know how to write a check, pay a bill or cook a meal. How in the world are these girls expected to remember to take a pill everyday?

The answer to premarital sex should be NO – not ‘Let me find my purse’.

Unplanned pregnancies will happen. Since we know that is true, think about the alternative to these young girls. Now there is a child on the way and two choices – abortion or birth. Now she regrets not saying NO.

The Obama regime will argue that since you are unemployed, pregnant, still in school and scared to death that abortion is the answer. Here’s why: you will now be a dreg on the system because of prenatal care, birth, medical needs for mother and child, and welfare benefits for an UNWANTED child – an accident – if you keep the baby.

There are no accidents, only surprises. Just ask my 27 year old son, Justin – I’m quite sure he’s okay with  my decision to give birth and not abort.

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