Embryonic stem cell research heats up again.


President Barack Obama plans to sign an executive order Monday reversing an 8-year-old restriction on the federal funding of stem-cell research, a congressional source said today.

A Denver Post source, who asked not to be named because they were unauthorized to speak on the topic by the White House, said an announcement will be made in Washington on Monday. The White House ceremony, which is expected to take place just after mid-day, will reverse a directive signed by President George W. Bush in 2001. That directive was followed by a dramatic fall off in stem-cell research in the United States.

How many embryos have to die to get the cure for your disease?? NONE. Read on:

Embryonic Stem Cell Advantages:
1. Flexible—appear to have the potential to make any cell to clone?
2. Immortal—one ES cell line can potentially provide an endless supply of cells with defined characteristics designer babies without defects
3. Availability—embryos from in vitro fertilization clinics
that potential parents throw away 

Adult Stem Cell Advantages
1. Special adult-type stem cells from bone marrow and from umbilical cord have been isolated recently which appear to be as flexible as the embryonic type
2. Already somewhat specialized—inducement may be simpler
3. Not immunogenic—recipients who receive the products of their own stem cells will not experience immune rejection
rejection is not something that has been addressed
4. Relative ease of procurement—some adult stem cells are easy to harvest (skin, muscle, marrow, fat), while others may be more difficult to obtain (brain stem cells). Umbilical and placental stem cells are likely to be readily available
5. Non-tumorigenic—tend not to form tumors
6. No harm done to the donor
did not have to die to contribute

Here’s the problem with stem cell research – cloning. And a bigger problem – embryonic cells come from EMBRYOS, which are human beings. So, researchers are cloning stem cells to make more embryos for research while other ‘scientists’ are CLONING.


We need to stop jumpstarting God and stop killing the children for RESEARCH.

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