Life as we know it is over…

embryo-brochureFrom  Groups that oppose federal funding for stem cell research say an executive order President Obama signed Monday lifting the ban on such funding could pave the way for some forms of human cloning.

“President Obama’s policy change is especially troubling given the significant adult stem cell advances that are being used to treat patients now without harming or destroying human embryos,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, in a statement released as word of the pending executive order leaked Friday.

According to articles and interviews, embryonic stem cells can cure EVERYTHING – paralysis,  Alzheimer’s, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, maybe even the common cold. Interestingly enough, it always seems to be celebrities campaigning for it. Are we taking their word for it because Michael J. Fox says so? When does the unborn child get a say in the matter? Do these people realize that they are asking SCIENCE to kill unborn children for their own benefit? Of course not. The Godless have no fear of anything much less a defenseless child that will be murdered for their own agenda.

“I’m saddened that President Obama has chosen to set aside the views of so many Americans and reversed these restrictions that were put in place to protect these valuable human embryos, especially when our most promising scientific potential has been seen in adult stem cell research,” added Sen. David Vitter (R-La.).

Cloning is still an issue because, as usual, the Democratic agenda want SCIENCE – not reality.  Science has no God, therefore no responsibility. The loop holes are massive and will open this up to research so unnatural and inhuman – and this is only the beginning.

AND – when they start cloning embryos…then scientists can have their stem cells and maximize clone research at the same time, all for YOUR tax dollars! Understand, this ban lifted was for federally funded research, this does not include the countless millions that has been privately spent thus far.

It has also been reported today that the University of Michigan is expected to begin research in the spring and has already received $2 million in funding… The Consortium for Stem Cell Therapies will use surplus embryos from fertility centers.  More…

As I said, it’s just the beginning.


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