Obama has faith – in Obama

obama-faith-outreach-na02-wide-horizontalThe President said that a false choice has often been presented between science and faith, and that corrupting, shielding, or shying away from the facts science lays bare benefits nobody.
The President acknowledged that there are those who strongly oppose this research, and insisted that even as he had come to a different conclusion those opinions deserved full respect. He explained that the American government has not only a role but a responsibility to keep the country at the forefront of medical science. But he also made clear that his decision was not made based on his belief in science alone: “As a person of faith, I believe we are called to care for each other and work to ease human suffering.”
This is not a man of faith, or if he is, it is faith in himself and science. God is not in the equation nor has been. No person saved by the Blood of Christ can condone FOR ANY REASON that killing an unborn child is right at any stage of pregnancy or for any reason. Period.
‘Human suffering’???? Erasing a human life for scientific gain is not ‘human suffering’…
Today alone in the U.S. over 3700 American citizens lost their lives due to abortion – how many more will die due to research?poar01_obama0803
You are not a man of Faith, Obama .

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