Pro-life groups not invited to the party

With no pro-life groups invited to respond, the president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, promoted abortion at a White House-sponsored health care summit on Thursday. Ms. Richards called for including access to abortion in any health care reform package President Barack Obama may put forward.aobamaabortion

No leading pro-life medical groups or top pro-life organizations were invited or allowed to attend the health care event.

Richards wants abortion included as part of the mandatory coverage package that could also force health insurance companies to include abortion in their plans. That would pass on abortion costs to all people who are insured under their health care plans to fund abortions for those that cannot afford them.

This is called ‘preventative health care’…preventing those that are poor to be born as a burden to the system.

With pro-life advocates worried about the attempt to expand abortion by either making taxpayers fund abortions in a national health care plan or requiring insurance companies to pay for them, pro-life groups have a key interest in the outcome of the debate.

In effect, Obama has said out loud that life has no place in the new administration. The Freedom of Choice Act is still hovering and will be introduced at anytime. Many more American citizens stand to lose their lives. I’ve seen some articles criticizing the war in Iraq for the loss of life because we are sending in troops that put them in harms way and could lose their lives and these critics think that it parallels abortion death. Here’s the difference – those that go to Iraq go knowing they could die for their country. These heroic men and women made a CHOICE to go. Those that die from abortion or embryonic stem cell research had no choice, no voice.


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