obama-faith-based-initiativ‘Conservative evangelical Christians who supported President Obama during the campaign are expressing emotions “ranging from disappointment to optimism” following his recent decisions on several “culture war issues,” such as abortion and embryonic stem cell research.’

Shame on ANY Conservative Evangelicals that would vote for a man that seeks to kill our unborn children! Do they realize that the blood of these children are on their hands, too?

Obama made it quite clear that he would rescind the Mexico City Policy, fund embryonic stem cell research AND sign the Freedom of Choice Act before he was elected. Any Christian that voted for Obama is clearly only voting for him because of the color of his skin and did not pay one bit of attention to any of the issues.

‘Joshua DuBois, director of the White House’s faith-based office, said that the advisory board has “begun to work with key leaders on tough issues in hopes of finding common ground,” adding that the work will continue. Bishop Charles Blake of the Church of God in Christ(a denomination that supports gay marriage) said that he “can only believe [Obama] is going to keep” his commitment to find common ground on abortion. “There might have been some political motivation that caused him to take the early positions he has taken,” Blake said, adding, “But I think he will be just as aggressive and consistent in pursuing policies that will make abortions less necessary.” ‘

Abortion is never necessary. There is no common ground regarding abortion – it is a sin and a crime against God. Any man or woman of God that supports abortion and embryonic stem cell research for ANY REASON needs to go back to the altar. Any man or woman of God that believes there is any common ground on the abortion issue is looking for political gain despite the loss of life. You would think that men and women of faith would remember the basics of Christianity and understand that God has not changed His mind on anything, ever.

How can anyone hate God so much that they would take the life of an innocent child?

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