The road to Comments

And here’s for anyone who wants give an opinion that is less than decent in my eyes and the eyes of God: I may or may not respond or post your comment and thus will go on with my life.

I am here to bring the abortion issue to light to those that don’t understand the price of life. The new administration seeks to kill off those that can’t fend for themselves…kind of like bullies picking on the weak and small.

Democrats are what they are – Godless. And if you think Obama is bad, take a hard look at Biden. Obama is gutless and uses Pelosi as a shield, but Biden – he has no soul and no heart. Keep an eye on him, I am. The lesser of two evils? Definitely Obama. Biden is a loose cannon.

Sorry for the rant, back to the road to comments. Opinions are what they are. If it weren’t for opinions, there would be no blogging. Let’s make it fun, banter if you’d like  – but keep the cruel to yourselves. I have a Ministry to run.

Thanks – Reverend Katherine.


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