Excuse me, Mr. President

I am reprinting an essay written by a friend of mine, Ms. Kyla Young. Definitely worth the read:

In my religion class, I was presented with an article that stated the statistics for who the American public holds as their hero. Barack Obama topped the list beating many formidable opponents, but like the judges on many reality tv shows say I have to say America got it wrong this time.

I must start out by saying I am not against Obama or out to bash his character or anything like that. I will boldly state that he is nowhere near comparable to Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa,or let alone Jesus. He may mark an era of change and accomplishment for our country which is long overdue ( and for those of you that know me in the least you know how passionate I am about that) but I hate to break it to the world who has clearly drank the “purple kool-aid of politics and deception” that Obama has a long way to go to prove himself to me and to the history books.

He may be the first President of color, but let me tell you about a man that colored the world. No other man has impacted the world like him. His birth marks the end of antiquity and the beginning of the modern day. His life and death fulfilled countless prophesies. His name has saved millions and cost millions their lives. Wars have started and ended in/ through his name. His work is beyond science and defies the laws of physics. His teachings have diffused throughout the world and been the foundations of the world’s greatest powers. Without him, nations have fallen and armies have crumbled. He alone fed the masses, quenched thirst, cured the sick and raised the death. In his name, demons have been cast out, mountains bow down and people tremble.

Now tell me something – What other man can compare?

Obama’s name may inspire hope, but Jesus is hope. Obama may promise change or even mark it, but Jesus embodied the ultimate change and freedom. He brought freedom from sin, freedom from the law, and freedom from death. Obama can’t even free us from unjust laws that keep us down.The economy continues to crumble, people continue to go hungry and the sick continue to die. So for me, I will follow the man through whose name I can do all things. Because with him, I will never thirst, hunger or go without. He is always there, never changes, and always deliver what he promises. He needs no campaign for his actions speak for themselves and the only bailout he ever had to provide was completed and paid for when he went to Calvary and shed his blood to pay our debt of sin.

So excuse me, but the only man I will ever claim as my hero is the one who created them.


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