Democrats lean on Catholicism for support of critical issues

Catholicism? Why? Lots and LOTS of voters. Read on:

Consider that Catholics makes up nearly 1 billion of the world’s population; 25% of the United States population describes themselves as Catholic. There are 55 Democrat Catholics in the House of Representatives. They even have a ‘Statement of Principals’. Remember, Democrats, Catholic or not, still believe that abortion is a CHOICE to be made, not an act of murder.

I don’t believe in Catholic sacraments (ie: communion), but Catholics do. Read on:

From   With the Democratic governor’s (Kathleen Sebelius) political star rising, the registered Republican Archbishop of Kansas City revived the use of Holy Communion as a political weapon to take her down. He publicly called on her to stoptaking Communion with her Catholic community, because of her widely-known opposition to the use of criminal law in dealing with abortion.  Read the article here.

From  President Obama’s nominee to head the agency that guides federal abortion policy is the latest Roman Catholic politician to find herself torn between her political beliefs and her faith.  Already admonished against receiving Communion because of stands she has taken on abortion as governor of Kansas, Kathleen Sebelius now faces even closer scrutiny from the church since she was nominated to serve as secretary of health and human services earlier this month.

Nancy Pelosi was also dinged for having accepted communion directly from the Pope because of her stance on abortion.

Obama embraces the Catholics. At least during the election.

I am not Catholic, but used to be, so I know the ropes. I’m now a Conservative Christian. However, I do remember that it is a SIN, both Catholic and Christian, to murder. There is never a ‘right time’ to end the life of anyone for any reason.

This country is being set up as a slaughter house for the unborn in the name of science and choice. God is not mocked – there is a hotter side of Hell for the Pelosi’s, the Sebelius’s, the Obama’s…turning your head for election’s sake to take human life is INHUMAN.

AND, Ms. Sebelius…you have to answer for Dr. Tiller. Reprehensible.


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