wagonerobamaFrom the Detrit Free Press today:  WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama will give General Motors Corp. 60 days to craft a new survival plan without Chairman and Chief Executive Rick Wagoner, and set a 30-day deadline for Chrysler LLC to either partner with Fiat SpA or shut down.

And then from the Detroit Free Press yesterday:  President Barack Obama’s rescue plan for Detroit automakers will be unveiled Monday, but one condition became clear today: the resignation of General Motors Corp. Chairman and Chief Executive Rick Wagoner….. As a condition for additional government aid to GM, the Obama administration asked Wagoner to step aside, which Wagoner agreed to do today, people familiar with the plan said. Wagoner’s move, effective immediately, ends a 31-year career with GM.

Thus far, Ford has not taken any stimulus money;  it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on.

Banks are being seized, major corporations are being taken over, the entire free enterprise system is at a complete stand-still – small business owners are scared to death. The future is bleak for our ‘economy’, for lack of a better word for whatever it is now. The dawning of Socialism is here. To those of you that took the money – OBAMA OWNS YOU.

The reason why some governors and businesses are not taking the Stimulus money – Federal control.

What does this have to do with saving the babies?

States that take the stimulus  money will be subject to funds going toward family planning – abortion. It’s been in the Obama agenda since the beginning. Obama made it look good when they said that Planned Parenthood was not getting stimulus money even though Pelosi said ‘ Fewer children reduces the cost to the state.’  “I’m stunned,” Cecile Richards, president of PPFA wrote in an e-mail. “Removing this provision is a betrayal of millions of low-income women, and it will place an even greater burden on state budgets that are already strained to the breaking point.”

What most don’t realize is that federal funded abortion is still hovering out there because of two things…nationalized health care that Clinton and Kennedy have been pushing AND the Freedom of Choice Act has yet to be addressed. Do not be deceived – this is NOT over.

This whole fiasco with the auto industry has proven that our children are at greater risk than originally thought.

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