Woman aborts her own grandson.

From the Miami Herald:    The 38-year-old mother of eight has been in jail since March 19 after she gave her 16-year-old daughter pills to cause her to abort her baby two weeks earlier and then disposed of the fetus. She has been charged with termination of a pregnancy, practicing healthcare without a license, child abuse and improper disposal of human remains…..Tonuya Rainey (the minor’s mother) and a nurse who helped in the abortion say the fetus, determined by policeto have been less than 24 weeks old, was still-born. But Rainey’s daughter, whom The Miami Herald is not naming because of her age, told police she saw her boy breathing before her mother placed the body outside with the garbage for curbside pickup, according to court documents.

Rainey’s family had pooled together $1,450 dollars and given it to a bail bondsmen on March 20 when Judge John Hurley increased the bond, saying Rainey’s alleged actions were ”tantamount to murder” and calling the case one of the worst he had ever seen.

No, it’s pretty much murder.

”She’s a good mother, an excellent mother,” said a teary-eyed Natira Williams, Tonuya Rainey’s sister, as she left the courtroom with two dozen of Rainey’s family and friends. “I’m just glad she’s coming back home to her children.” 

The ones that are left, anyway. And dozens of friends and family supporting a woman killing her own grandson…

The daughter was placed in foster care and Tonuya is not to have any contact with any or her minor children. Well, good job, Grandma! Now you don’t have to worry about your minor mother and your grandson.

Has anyone bothered to find out how this woman got abortion pills in the first place?

Who is this nurse and why is she/he not charged?

Does her entire family really feel she did the ‘right thing’ in aborting her own grandson? And even bill her as an ‘excellent mother”???


And the friends and family justify what Tonuya did saying she had worked two jobs for years to support the family and put her (the minor mother) and another sibling through college.

Well, let me enlighten you, Tonuya, on a thing or two.

First, you killed a human being, your own flesh and blood, for which you will answer to, to God Himself.

Second, justifying what you did because of your current economic status is trite and pitiful. This is a crime against nature.

Lastly, a human being will not have the opportunity for anything, ever, at your hand.



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