Pick me! Pick ME!

sebeliusnomination_hans9From the Topeka Capital-Journal:  Gov. Kathleen Sebelius completed Tuesday the first of two rounds of questioning by senators leading to her almost-certain confirmation as secretary of the federal health and human services agency…

The only vocal opposition to her nomination by President Barack Obama has been from anti-abortion groups who criticize the governor, a Roman Catholic, for supporting abortion rights. Catholic League President Bill Donohue recently called Sebelius an “enemy of the unborn,”…

Sen. Tom Coburn, an Oklahoma Republican and a physician, said he was disturbed by the possibility of the Obama administration forcing him to perform abortion procedures. Coburn is opposed to abortion. Sebelius said she supported policies granting doctors the freedom to make those decisions without government interference. Read the article here.

Sebelius said she supported policies granting doctors the freedom to make those decisions without government interference….That’s a grand statement, but when the Freedom of Choice Act is signed, it will overturn any promises she makes today regarding protecting medical professionals from tasks that would impede with their religious views or morality. 

The Obama administration announced its intent to rescind the Conscience Rule, but it’s seeking public comment by April 9 before making a final decision. President Obama has pledged to seek common ground on contentious “life” issues.

There is no common ground with any ‘life’ issues. Life is in God’s hands, not Obama’s…

And, Sebelius was not questioned about the Dr. Tiller the baby killer scandal and her connections to him, particularly his monetary contributions to her…..anyway, getting back on track…

From the Christian Medical and Dental Associations;  RE: the Conscience Rule – The conscience clause (rule) is a necessary regulation to preserve the exclusive patient to doctor relationship. Without it, the government will be able to effectively limit where patients can go for care. Further, no doctor should lose their job or be denied a promotion for following their conscience. The conscience clause is necessary to ensure physicians are not penalized for following the Hippocratic Oath and putting the health of their patients first. To better understand how the ‘rule’ affects our medical professionals that have a soul, view this video – http://www.cmda.org/media/Videos/ROC_Video_1.wmv.

Also, this video below features Dr. Tom Coburn (Oklahoma Senator, R.) on Fox News this past month regarding the rescinding of the Conscience Rule.

This isn’t just about medical professionals being fired, it’s about going to jail for standing up for LIFE.


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