From one of my ‘home states’….A Christian legal association is offering to defend an Ohio county if it is sued by the American Civil Liberties Union.  Butler County in southwest Ohio (near Cincinnati – West Chester) wanted to do the best for children available for adoption. Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney Byron Babione picks up the story. aclu-vi
“Recently the director of their children’s services there revised the policy on adoption to put a preference or premium on placing children with married parents, that is with a married mother and father,over and above other arrangements,” he explains.  He points out research shows that to be in the best interest of a child.”……And then the ACLU loudly proclaimed their disagreement with the policy because they didn’t think that a married mother and father is any better than any other arrangement and that it should not be given a preference over other family arrangements,” Babione points out.
ADF has informed county officials that the organization will represent them free-of-charge if the ACLU files suit. Babione concludes the county’s policy does not infringe upon anyone’s rights, but rather advances the rights of children.

Here’s my two cents….did anyone ask the child if they want to be in a home with a mommy AND daddy?  Just dad or just mom……no, of course not. No one has bothered to consider that children have the RIGHT to have a GOD GIVEN FAMILY the way that He set it up, a covenant to Him. Doing it another way is saying that God is wrong.

And who’s to say that when  ‘just mommy’ takes the child home that there’s another mommy there?

Does a child have a say in the matter? I’d love to hear from anyone that knows the answer to that.

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