As in a previous post, H.B. 280 is now in effect in the state of Ohio. Read on:

From LifeNewsA new Ohio law that will help stop women from being pressured or forced into a decision to have an abortion goes into effect today. The Protecting Pregnant Women from Coercion & Violence Bill received lopsided bipartisan support in the state legislature.

In a related development, the Ohio Supreme Court asked lawyers for Planned Parenthood and the attorney representing the parents of a teenager girl who was pressured to have an abortion to comment on how the law would affect the lawsuit the girl’s parents filed……Cincinnati attorney Charles Miller told the newspaper that he thinks the law may resulted in him having access to Planned Parenthood medical records to prove his contention that the abortion business engaged in a pattern of abuse by failing to report to state officials cases of statutory rape.

The new law, H.B. 280, sponsored by former Rep. Michelle Schneider:

1.  Requires abortion facilities to post a “No One Can Force You to Have an Abortion” poster;
2.  Requires mandatory minimum prison sentences for assault and increases penalties for domestic violence if the offender knew the victim was pregnant;
3. Permits recovery of compensatory and exemplary damages in a civil action for failure to file required reports of known or suspected child abuse; and,
4. Provides mandatory prison sentences and payment of restitution to victims in cases of “human trafficking” for prostitution.

“We are proud that Ohio has acted to protect women and children from coercion and abuse,” said Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life. “Coerced abortion, violence against pregnant women, and child abuse have no place in a civilized society,” Gonidakis said…..”We are also pleased that the Ohio Supreme Court has noted the new law in the Roe v. Planned Parenthood case. Regardless of the decision whether the new law applies to an existing case, the Supreme Court’s action should send a message to those who fail to report child abuse that the new law will be enforced and that their actions can result in liability,” Gonidakis said.

Two cents time – All abortion is wrong in all circumstances; however, it will take baby steps to irradicate this scourge that besets our country – the world! One step at a time, one child at a time.  See what the state of Ohio is up to regarding Right to life here.


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