You gotta love socialized medicine.

From  Canadian parents who made the difficult decision to turn off their 2-month-old daughter’s life support so that they could donate her heart to another baby were shocked when the little girl continued breathing on her own, Agence France-Presse reports.

But Kaylee defied the odds and continued breathing without life support after doctors turned it off Wednesday

Two-month-old Kaylee Wallace was born with a brain malformation that was expected to prevent her from breathing without medical assistance.  Her parents chose to take her off life support and donate her heart to another severely ill baby at the same Toronto hospital, after learning of the other’s plight.  But the Toronto Sick Kids hospital announced today that Kaylee was in stable condition and no longer a transplant candidate, defying doctors’ prognoses.

“This is obviously tragic for both of the families,” Jim Wright, a hospital doctor, told public broadcaster CBC. “The situation is not resolved for either of these families.”

Kaylee’s father Jason Wallace said he was prepared to lose his child, whose new prognosis was now uncertain.  “Losing our daughter’s okay, I understand that,” he said. “But I don’t want to lose two.”

The month-old baby that was to receive Kaylee’s heart also remained in stable condition, said Dr Wright.

From The Canadian Press:

While awaiting his daughter’s fate, Jason Wallace said he and Kaylee’s mother have been under mounting scrutiny and the pressure is building.  “There’s frustration now and anger actually from us that the public’s judging us thinking we want our daughter to die in some way, that we’re trying to be media spotlight people – we’re not,” he said outside Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children.

“To feel like we’re being judged by the public now is just a devastating toll on us even further now because this is about wanting our child to live.”  Wallace stressed that he and Kaylee’s mother are just trying to provide the “best life we can for our daughter.”…..”If nobody understands that concept, then I really don’t know what to say to anybody out there,” he said.

Wallace was also critical of some comments he said he has been receiving from hospital staff during Kaylee’s treatment, including a suggestion that Kaylee no longer be fed to “let your daughter pass that way.”

Two cents…

Both babies are in stable condition…HELLO…where’s the ‘Praise the Lord’? Did I miss something here??? OHHHHH…I get it. These precious ones aren’t perfect enough.  Now Kaylee’s parents are just gonna hafta take care of their beautiful, child bestowed to them by God, until He sees fit to take her Home.

“This is obviously tragic for both of the families”, says the doctor…now Canada has to cough up enough money to take care of BOTH babies, not just one.

“Losing our daughter’s okay, I understand that.”  I wonder if Kaylee  would appreciate knowing she was to be a sacrifice for another child, by her own parents?

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