Pastor Hoye has been released from jail. Read on:

A pro-life pastor in Oakland, California who was convicted of helping women outside abortion centers find life-affirming alternatives has been released after spending 18 days in jail. Reverend Walter Hoye was charged with violating an anti-free speech ordinance Oakland officials put in place to target him.

“It is absolutely incredible that in America an individual can be sentenced to jail for engaging in peaceful free speech activity on a public sidewalk,” Allison Aranda, an attorney for the Life Legal Defense Foundation, told “Rev. Hoye is being singled out for particularly harsh punishment because he refused to agree not to offer help to women considering abortion. Where is the justice in that?”

But, what was the will of God?

Hoye made good use of his time in prison and regularly talked with inmates about pro-life issues, but also led six men to Jesus Christ.

I HATE abortion.

But….I know, from what the Word of God says, that those beautiful souls may have lost their lives on this earth, but they have not lost their souls. In other words, those children, unwanted by the world, are in the arms of the Father RIGHT NOW.

Being born with a sin nature, we as humans have to make a decision, after our age of accountability, to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour that we may see the Kingdom of God and not go to a burning Hell.

What Pastor Hoye did was deliberate – he knew the Will of God and did what was asked of him. Pastor led six men to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, just as the Apostle Paul did throughout the Book of Acts. I am not saying that Pastor Hoye is Paul, but what we are to do AS CHRISTIANS is lead as many men and women to Christ before the Rapture of the Church.

Pastor knows the babies are in heaven. He hate abortion, too, particularly to Black America – but he knows his call to God is first and foremost to Evangelize to the lost.

You don’t know if the next person you lead to Christ is going to be the next William J. Seymour.

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