Topeka must be a very interesting place lately…read on:

Speaking of Sebelius…Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will speak at the commencement ceremony of Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government in June….In a short press release, the school’s dean praised Sebelius’ leadership.

“Kathleen Sebelius is a model for our students of public service,” said David T. Ellwood. “Her efforts to improve her state’s schools and support her state’s business climate while at the same time balancing the state budget are remarkable considering the current challenges we all face in these economic times.”

A model for our students of public service….if you’re in the  baby killing business. Read on:

Operation Rescue released a document Wednesday that it said raises new questions about Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ ties to one of the few U.S. physicians performing late-term abortions…..At issue is a September 2002 letter signed by Tiller on the stationery of the ProKanDo political action committee. The PAC formed that year and initially was affiliated with Tiller’s clinic in Wichita.

The PAC’s former executive director said Wednesday it was ProKanDo’s first fundraising letter. In it, Tiller mentions a $200,000 “personal contribution” to the PAC to defeat Sebelius’ Republican opponent in the 2002 governor’s race. It doesn’t mention Sebelius by name……“She benefited far more than what she likes to portray,” said Troy Newman, Operation Rescue’s president. “She’s trying to distance herself from George Tiller.”

Sam Brownback said at an anti-tax rally in Wichita that he isn’t backing away from his endorsement of Sebelius’ appointment. Later he said Sebelius told him she had made an error in not listing the contributions to her PAC but said, “It’s just very troubling.”


Two cents…

Well now, Sam…here’s why this is troubling to ya – if Sebelius does not get her post at HHS, and know how one hand DOES wash another, then I’m guessin’ that you’ll have to do business the old fashioned way….earn it. Or is this because if she does not get her post that means that you can’t be governor!

Pat Robers and Sam Brownback will sacrifice the lives of children to benefit themselves and further their careers. These men are Republican and WERE thought to be pro-life. Now we know that’s wrong.

“Together, we can make sure we have a pro-choice governor for Kansas,” Tiller wrote, who contributed $239,000 to the PAC from August through early November of 2002 .

PIG….did I say that out loud?

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