Matthew 13:57 says: ‘…But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.’

How true, Mrs. Palin. It’s hard to be a Prophet in ones’ hometown. I’m with ya.

‘The Anchorage Daily News says:  The Legislature dealt another blow to Gov. Sarah Palin on Friday when a bill requiring girls under 17 to tell their parents they’re about to have an abortion failed to move from committee, effectively ending its chance of passage this year.

‘Those who testified against the bill on Friday said many teens come from unhealthy families and could self-induce an abortion or even take their own lives if the only way to get an abortion was to face their parents. A teen would need to go before a judge if she wanted to avoid telling a parent, and those against the bill said that’s not realistic for vulnerable teenagers, or those in remote areas.’

I am so tired of that rhetoric – it’s nothing but urban legend….read on:

‘Controversies surrounding the bill include its requirement a teen must wait 48 hours after telling a parent before having the abortion, and the fact it forbids coercing a minor to have an abortion but is silent on forcing a minor to have a baby.’

How did they get ‘forcing a minor to have a baby’?  Let me help you with something, KIDS, when you have pre-marital sex, you take the chance of getting pregnant. So, if you’re so grown-up to have sex, you should be grown up enough to have your child and not skip out on the responsibility. And, I really don’t care about your excuses…

I’m almost sorry about the rant. Anyway, to continue…

‘Senate Majority Leader Johnny Ellis, an Anchorage Democrat, said the senators have worked during this 90-day session on budgets and the federal economic stimulus package. Abortion is a contentious issue in the majority, which is a coalition including both Republicans and Democrats…..”There was no appetite to tear ourselves apart over that issue,” Ellis said.’

I guess money talks. For now, the lives of unborn Alaskan children hang in the balance until they HAVE TIME.

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