Another wheel in the Obama Death Machine….Dawn Johnsen.

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Penn.), the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, on Monday said that a filibuster of Dawn Johnsen, President Obama’s nominee to lead the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, is “under consideration”….Johnsen’s nomination has received criticism from some conservatives because of her former work for abortion-rights groups and her criticism of OLC under former President George W. Bush.

The editorial adds that Johnsen’s “inability to understand reasonable distinctions is a recurring problem in her advocacies.” It cites a 1996 article in Slate in which “she argued that parental or judicial consent for a minor to get an abortion guts Roe v. Wade and leaves only a useless ‘shell’ of the original decision,” according to the editorial. The editorial says that Johnsen “made this claim without any empirical evidence that abortion by minors fell as a result of the rule,” even though she cited a Guttmacher Institute study to show that consent rules “have drastically reduced the number of abortion providers around the country.” The editorials adds, “We found no such evidence in the Guttmacher Institute report she cited.”

Johnsen was the Legal Director for NARAL from 1988-1993.

An editorial continues that the Democratic majority in the Senate has given Obama “an easy time getting nominees confirmed,” as “even unanimous Republican opposition can’t stop a nominee.” The editorial says that Johnsen’s “extreme views, willingness to distort information and less than forthright testimony should disqualify her from service,” concluding that both parties should “come together to filibuster this radical”

The Death Nell – almost funny…read this excerpt:

If they meant to do it, the echelon of the Republican Party have pulled off a masterful stunt. It is much harder for an isolated candidate to lie, cheat and steal his way into power, but as momma always advised, “There is safety in numbers.” With the unspoken vow taken to cover up, lie, and generally wag the dog for each other, the Republican party has played Pied Piper to the uneducated, superstitious and rigid thinking of the underclass all the way to the ballot box and now, done with them, have cast them aside like so many cake-eating French peasants.

I’m not real sure where they get their info from, considering this is exactly what the Barack HUSSEIN Obama regime is doing. I guess the Dems think that trying to throw blame in the other direction will take the spotlight off just long enough to get these God-hating baby-killing nominees appointed while we’re still shaking our heads trying to make sense of the absolute senseless:

Obama chose pro-abortion Illinois congressman Rahm Emanuel to be his chief of staff, had selected pro-abortion former Sen. Tom Daschle as his Health Secretary and now Kathleen Sebelius, and a top bioethics advisor is a leading embryonic stem cell research supporter.

There is no sanctity of life. Look at the big picture; Clinton and her new best friend Margaret Sanger, Kathleen Sebelius and her best bud Dr. George Tiller, Dawn Johnsen and the NARAL…what’s next? A direct descendant of Hitler?

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