…she rears back and does something really stupid. I am so thankful I don’t live in Kansas. Read on:

From The Topeka Capital-Journal: 

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ decision to veto Thursday a bill amending Kansas law on late-term abortions occurred at a critical juncture in her bid to become a Cabinet secretary in the administration of President Barack Obama. Sebelius, who supports abortion rights but says she personally opposes the method of birth control, said the vetoed legislation likely would have been ruled unconstitutional by federal courts.

Veto of the abortion measure triggered ridicule and praise from people on opposite ends of the political spectrum.

Sen. Tim Huelskamp, an anti-abortion Republican from Fowler, said the veto demonstrated the governor’s allegiance to George Tiller, a Wichita physician under investigation by state officials for performing late-term abortions. Tiller made at least $35,000 in political campaign contributions to Sebelius. Incomplete reporting of those donations weakened support for Sebelius’ nomination as health and human services secretary.  “It is simply shocking that someone so indebted to the late-term abortion industry is still being considered for secretary of HHS,” Huelskamp said.

It must be horrible having no soul.

“Kansas has become notorious as the late-term abortion capitol of the nation,” said Mary Kay Culp, executive director of Kansans for Life….”I’m disappointed. I’m not surprised. I would have signed that bill,” Sam Brownback said in a statement….”The Senate should not vote, nor should Gov. Sebelius be confirmed, until these questions are answered fully and completely,” RNC Chair Michael Steele said.

Now what?

Once Sebelius is either nominated or not, we need to look at this new ‘health care reform’ that has been on the edge of the lips of Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy since ever. Abortion is horrible. But the eventual plan of this death-care is to take away our ability to choose to live and by what means and for how long. This is not over yet, and if someone like Sebelius is considered, imagine what monster might take her place is she is not nominated.

I understand that health insurances and physicians take advantage of the system but taking away our right to health care WE CHOOSE is not what The Bill of Rights meant when it said:

“Conventions of a number of States, having at the time of their  adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent  misconstruction or  abuse of  its powers,  that further  declaratory and restrictive clauses  should be  added: And  as extending  the ground  of public confidence in  the Government, will  but ensure the  beneficent ends of its institution.”

We are on the edge of the cliff of Socialism and we’re about to be pushed off.

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