I was under the impression that the United States was a free country.

On a serious note, this new OBAMA PARTY is literally trying to kill off the next generations with the new death-care reform and abortion-happy extreme left dems. Anyone against the new regime, like pro-life activists, will be accounted for and noted.

The new Party.

We’ve had the Republican party, the Democrat party, Libertarian, Constitution Party, Independent Party, even the Green Party (which is still funny). But now, we have the Obama Party. You have to be inept and a baby killer to join. Read on:

Pitiful…just pitiful that anyone would actually be so pathetic as to follow a ‘man’ that surrounds himself with imbeciles. Look at the appointees and nominees:

State: Hillary Clinton; Defense: Robert Gates; Treasury: Timothy Geithner; Justice: Eric Holder; Veterans Affairs: Eric Shinseki; Energy: Steven Chu; Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano; HHS: Tom Daschle; HUD: Shaun Donovan; Commerce: Bill Richardson; NSA: General James Jones; Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel; OMB Director: Peter Orszag; UN Ambassador: Susan Rice….as you can see this list is about 4 months old and some names have changed BECAUSE THEY WERE UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION OR COMPLETELY INEPT. I could have fun with this list for DAYS. Perhaps I will later. Anyway…
Back to Homeland Security appointee Janet Napolitano:

“Has this Homeland Security secretary gone absolutely stark raving mad?” Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn, said Wednesday.

“I think the appropriate thing for her to do would be to step down,” Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, said Thursday.

“Janet Napolitano should resign or be fired,” Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, said on Wednesday.

Obama administration aides (aides??? my side hurts…) dismissed the criticism as a “typical Washington game” and “political theater.” I just cannot imagine that!!!

This is what I want to know…How did this woman get her job? Oh…the OBAMA PARTY.

I gotta tell ya, I haven’t seen back-peddling like this before. This is art! Everyone that Barack HUSSEIN Obama has nominated or appointed has serious issues AND is not within a million miles of having a clue on how to do the job.

The report, one of Homeland Security’s periodic assessments, warned that right-wing extremists could use the bad state of the U.S. economy and the election of the country’s first black president to recruit members. It drew angry reactions of conservative bloggers and Republican members of Congress who took to the House floor this week to criticize Napolitano, confirmed to her Cabinet position less than 100 days ago.

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