The Agenda.

There are so many stories out there about the abortion agenda and the women that are preyed upon. This administration is going so fast and so too the left that we almost can’t catch our breath. Nearly everyone nominated for any office thus far is not just pro-choice, but pro-abortion. It’s still unfathomable to me that so many can be so heartless.

My little mission, or ministry as I like to look at it, is to try to change the mindset of those that hate so much. For as much as the Democrats have the flower-child-like mentality and want to save the world, they are killing it off one person at a time.

How are they getting away with it?

With comfortable words like relevant, new age way of thinking, new reformation, social policy, reconciliation, etc, you would expect so much more that what we have had shoved down our throats since Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been elected. He has signed away the lives of untold millions, banks have gone bust, the automobile business is over, and now we as a nation owe trillions of dollars for what he has spent SO FAR. And, this is in just the first 100 days. Then how in the world does he get a 63% approval rating?

Because it’s for your own good!

Let us do the thinking for you!…..he is a liar. He nominates liars and surrounds himself with liars. Funny thing is that they really believe what they’re saying. It’s not a black thing. It’s not a white thing. It’s a STUPID thing. This guy is like the Pied Piper of idiots.

He hasn’t tackled the Freedom of Choice Act yet. I’m sure that when Sebelius gets nominated, it will be forefront. Just keep an eye on the word ‘viable’.

As I mentioned in a recent post, girls, not women, are getting abortions without the family’s knowledge BUT with a judge’s signature. How is that possible? Obama and the ACLU.

Gays have more rights than straights? Illegal immigrants have more rights and access to government funding of small businesses, can get instant loans on houses, food stamps and free medical than us pesky AMERICAN CITIZENS? 

Preach the Gospel? You better not say anything bad about the homosexual community even though the Bible calls is an abomination unto God.

By the time Barack HUSSEIN Obama is done, we will be the minority….christian, heterosexual, conservative. He is warring against us to UNIFY us into something unholy and unimaginable.

I choose to fight this fight because this administration is UNHOLY, not of God. I will not stand by while countless children are slaughtered to the tune of 3700 lives lost per day in the United States alone, 115K world wide.

Hate crime? What hate crime?

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