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“You’re already having chatter between conservatives on who is going to be the nominee, what type of nominee is going to be put forward by President Obama,” said Brian Darling, the Heritage Foundation’s Senate director and a former top Judiciary Committee staffer…..Groups like the American Center for Law & Justice, the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary andthe Committee for Justice will all prepare background research on potential nominees, setting up the eventual, inevitable attacks on the nominee as a left-wing extremist.

GOOD. We need to take this country back.

Republican members of the Judiciary panel will meet next week to pick a new ranking member from amongst themselves. Senate aides say Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), the fourth-ranking member on the panel, has the inside edge….Recognizing their deficit in the Senate, Sekulow and other conservative operatives said Sessions could be counted on at least to question the eventual nominee closely, as two Bush nominees, Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito, were scrutinized during their confirmation hearings.

Who’s the Who’s Who?

Early front-runners that Brian Darling mentioned Yale University Law School Dean Harold Koh, whom he called “very extreme.” Sekulow specifically called out 2nd Circuit Appeals Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor, an early favorite for the nod, as “to the left of David Souter.” Yikes.

“This is a battle that is very important to the president. It’s very important that the president nominates somebody who doesn’t embarrass him,” Darling said.

Like teleprompter etiquette, perhaps? Sorry. Well, sort of.

Most of us with a brain (conservatives) understand that we need to unite and go and get our senate vote back. Barack HUSSEIN Obama has stacked the deck rather nicely with a bunch of Stepford Wives but the Supreme Court is riddled with a bunch of overpaid geriatrics that don’t care how they vote because they’ll never see the outcome in their lifetime.

The Battle of the (Nit) Wits.

For as pathetic as this ‘show’ (presidency) has been, I’m still awed at how many people still say he’s doing this great job. He does surround himself with whomever will hold up the teleprompter, walk his dog and tell him what a great guy he is. The facts speak for themselves…Barack HUSSEIN Obama has single-handedly destroyed our economy, brought down the car, stock market and banking industry, trying to socialize medicine and continues his burden for killing off the next generation.

It’s kind of like the Emperor’s New Clothes – he has no idea he’s naked…nit wit.

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