Sure is.

From the Dayton Daily News (Ohio):   At Stivers School for the Arts, health teacher Tony Triola strives for a balanced approach to sex education – a blend of wait until marriage and proceed with caution if you must.  “I don’t think one way or the other way is completely right,” Triola said. “My philosophy is I’ve got to give students as much information as I can. The bottom line, obviously, is they’re going to make the decisions.”

Congress is considering this year whether to curtail abstinence-only education funding in favor of a broader approach to contraception. Lawmakers already cut $14 million from abstinence programs in March, a blow advocates fear is just the beginning.

Triola said it would be “an injustice” if abstinence education funding were to go away. “Contrary to popular belief, it works,” he said. “And I think part of the reason it works is the combination of giving them the other side of the story, too. I’ve had kids tell me it’s just changed their whole outlook on things and how they look at themselves, especially females, how they value themselves.”

Why in the world would the government want to pay for contraception anyway? Easier. It’s easier to make a kid eat a birth control pill than to learn a correct behaviour. And public school can do this without the parents knowledge and/or permission.

The entire picture has to be looked at:  What happens to teens that are sexually active?

 Teen girls who have sex will probably be screened for depression. This journal article found that teen girls who had sex, took drugs, and/or started drinking were up to three times more likely to be depressed a year later than girls who did not take those risks. See footnote (1) for additional info on the article.

And the boys?  For boys, the researchers found things to be a bit different. Boys who do a number of unhealthy things, like smoking cigarettes every day, smoking marijuana, and drinking alcohol, were more likely to be depressed. See footnote (2) for additional info on the article.

What about pregnancy?  Okay then…let’s do the math:  about 54% of high school students are virgins. Which means that 46% of high school students are not, right? Out of that 46% that are having sex, 1/3 get pregnant and nearly 25% of those are aborted.

Abstinence only keeps kids from having kids, it teaches them a life choice that they can pass on to their own children someday. Abstinence is God’s way and should be the way our children are taught. I applaud schools that still teach NO SEX UNTIL MARRIAGE. When kids hear it at home and school, they tend to listen a bit more.


1) Hallfors, Denise D., et al. “Which Comes First in Adolescents – Sex and Drugs or Depression?” American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 29, 3 (2005): 163-170.

2) Udry, Richard J., et al. National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health: Wave II. Los Altos, CA: Sociometrics Corporation, 1996.

Check out other teen abstinence stats here.

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