I am also a Minister –  I have read the Bible cover to cover. I go to a church that preaches Christ and Him Crucified. I am married to an Ordained Minister of the Gospel. I am blessed enough to sit under an Apostle. I KNOW THE BIBLE. Nowhere did God say it was okay to be homosexual. Nowhere did He say it was okay to kill, AT ALL. Nowhere did my Lord say it was okay to usurp His authority to rewrite and paraphrase His Holy Word.

So, how does a Reverend Doctor Katherine Hancock Ragsdale happen? The enemy is just guffawing at this. Satan uses what God meant for good to upend our ‘reasonable’ selves in trying to understand how a homosexual can be ordained with anybody and say that they are serving the Lord ON OUR BEHALF.

All I say is to understand where it comes from.khr1

On July 1, 2009, Reverend Doctor Katherine Hancock Ragsdale is scheduled to become president of Episcopal Divinity School, a major seminary near Harvard that was founded in 1974 when two venerable divinity schools, founded in 1858 and 1867, merged.  Elected by unanimous vote of the board, Ragsdale succeeds the Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, who led the seminary from 1999 to 2008….”Katherine’s gifts, skills, and experience are an excellent match with the criteria established by the search committee, both in terms of the current challenges and opportunities at EDS, and the personal attributes we are looking for in a new leader.”

Here are some excerpts from other sites regarding this lesbian doctor minister baby killer thing:

From Apprising Ministries – “Homosexual ”Ministers” Advocating Slaughter Of Unborn Children Is Of A Depraved Mind”….That this pompous fool, who dares claim to pastor a Christian church while in willful and unrepentant sin, would be so deluded as to think the sovereign Creator God will approve a mother saying to her unborn child, “I’m sorry; but we’re too poor to let you live,” is only more proof of the Lord giving over to a depraved mind those who’d support this egregious apostate (at best) and her heresy.” Good read!

From her own testimony to the Senate Committee June 3, 2004:  “I recall vividly a day when I left my home near Cambridge, Massachusetts, and drove to one of the economically challenged cities to the north of me to pick up a fifteen-year-old girl and drive her to Boston for an 8 a.m. appointment for an abortion. I didn’t know the girl – I knew her school nurse. The nurse had called me a few days earlier to see if I knew where she might find money to give the girl for bus fare to and cab fare home from the hospital. I was stunned – a fifteen-year-old girl was going to have to get up at the crack of dawn and take multiple buses to the hospital alone? The nurse shared my concern but explained that the girl had no one to turn to. She feared for her safety if her father found out and there was no other relative close enough to help. There was no one to be with her. So I went….Then I took her inside and turned her over to some very kind nurses. I went downstairs to get a couple of prescriptions filled for her. I paid for the prescriptions after I was informed that they’d either need the girl’s father’s signature in order to charge them to his insurance, or the completion of a pile of forms that looked far too complex for any fifteen-year-old to have to deal with.”  Another great read.

If that were my daughter, she’d find herself in prison.

What a self-professed saint! Let’s continue.

From her sermon blog:  “Bishops, you continue to speak of sacrifice and that is understandable as Christianity is built upon the realization of the potential holiness of sacrifice. My question for you is — do you see a difference between sacrificing oneself on behalf of others and forcing others to sacrifice themselves for you? And, if you do see a difference, what are the implications, then, for requiring the lesbian and gay faithful to sacrifice our lives, loves, and vocations as these moratoria do?”  Really, it just repeats a theme that has surfaced for years in my reproductive justice/abortion rights speeches: Sacrifice can be a noble and even holy thing but no one — not politician, partner, or priest — no one gets to tell someone else what sacrifice she must make. You should read this…it’s astounding how EVIL one person can be.

Well, this is as much as I can take in one day of this woman, or whatever she is. By the way, she actually questions the Resurrection. I wish I was surprised by this.

And, from her personal blog:  “I realize that this becomes more complex if you believe that a fertilized egg is a full human being (a fairly new idea in history but one that some people do hold and to which they are entitled). To have to weigh the needs and the rights of such a full “person” against those of another person – one on whose sacrifices (sacrifices sometimes embraced with delight and other times deemed untenable) the first is utterly dependent for at least 9 months – to have to weigh such competing needs is hugely complex.”

It goes on to say….”If, on the other hand, one views a fertilized egg, a blastocyst, an embryo, or even a fetus as not yet an ensouled, full person but rather as potential, – on its way to personhood ifthe person in whose body it resides is willing and able to embrace and nurture it (proleptic personhood) – then the decision becomes less, or differently, complex although it may, or may not, become less difficult or painful.”

Her church growth is through the roof, and especially with the young people. Imagine that.

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