What Katherine Ragsdale does is abysmal, an abomination and damnable.

From the ACLU-NCA:  The Prince George’s Hospital system is currently accepting bids from private health systems to take over the publicly-operated system. A change in ownership could negatively impact quality of care and result in a reduction of services available to patients. We want to ensure that residents continue to have access to a full range of service currently available.

Publicaly funded means government money which means Prince George’s Hospital system (includes three hospitals and two nursing homes) has family planning resources and abortion facilities. With the eminent sale to private buyers, that will change.

To continue with the article:  The ACLU-NCA has formed a coalition of community organizations to ensure that any private provider who buys the system will be obligated to provide the same types of medical services. The Keep our Care Coalition includes (list in formation; more are joining):

  • ACLU of the National Capital Area
  • The Women’s Law Center of Maryland–Prince George’s
  • MergerWatch–Prince George’s
  • American United for Separation of Church and State
  • Equality Maryland
  • NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland–Prince George’s
  • ACLU of Maryland

At least one instance of a pharmacist refusing to provide contraception to a couple not yet married because his religion did not approve of sex before marriage has also been reported (the pharmacist’s religion was not noted).

In other locations, Catholic-affiliated hospitals have placed restrictions on:

1) Counseling patients on the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections;
2) Access to family planning and abortion services and elective surgical sterilization procedures;
3) Providing emergency contraception;
4) Infertility treatments and some methods of testing for infertility;
5) Referrals to clinical trials that would require participants to take birth control;
6) Patients’ ability to direct their end-of-life care.

So many years ago, a publicly funded facility, whether a hospital or doctor’s office, was meant to heal and treat people that did not have the money to pay for it themselves. It was never meant to supply birth control pills to minors, condoms to gays and abortions on demand.

Americans are not going to put up with God-hating gays and liberals taking away our fundamental rights much longer.

And Reverend Doctor Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, you WILL answer to God one day, at the Great White Throne of Judgement for not only the number of children you helped to kill, but for leading those away from knowing Christ.

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