Or lack of it? Not really…

“Now, the Freedom of Choice Act is not highest legislative priority,”said Barack HUSSEIN Obama during his last news conference.obamaplannedparenthood

I don’t know about that, Obama. There’s some things that aren’t smelling just right…Here are the opinions of many that want to save the lives of those that hang in the balance:

“Now we need to beware of “FOCA-by-Stealth”: attempts by the Administration, Congress, and abortion advocates to enact FOCA piecemeal while purposefully attempting to deflect—or at least neutralize—public opposition to their far-reaching abortion-on-demand agenda,” says Point of View.

“Mr. Obama has peppered his administration with high-level, hard-core abortion advocates. Since FOCA is garnering negative attention, Mr. Obama and his allies in Congress may instead implement it piece by piece. Their first actions will likely be funding international abortion groups (through an executive order) and subsidizing domestic abortions (through government funded health care programs),” says The Bulletin.

“In other words, because of the more than 650,000 people like you who have stood up to Fight FOCA, pro-abortion forces are focusing on another tactic for now — FOCA-by-Stealth. They want to try to pass pieces of FOCA under your nose. The first target is your pocketbook.  The top priority for Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion allies is to repeal the laws that prohibit federal funding of abortion. Often called pro-life “riders,” the pro-abortion forces want House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to eliminate them and start using our tax dollars to pay for abortion-on-demand . . . nationwide,” says Free Republic.

“Some wide-eyed journalists and various political shills for the Obama Administration continue to write fairy tales about how President Obama wants to pursue policies that would reduce abortions…..That is a political scam. In reality, President Obama is pursuing a step-by-step strategy to expand access to abortion, and today’s step is to urge Congress to authorize the funding of abortion on demand in the nation’s capital, with funds appropriated by Congress,” says the National Right to Life.  Further, “The pro-abortion movement sees federal ‘health care reform’ legislationas a golden opportunity to force-feed abortion into every nook and cranny of the health-care delivery system,” explained NRLC Federal Legislative Director Douglas Johnson.  “Their goal, as they sometimes put it, is to ‘mainstream’ abortion.  They hope to use the structure of a federal health-care law to make abortion on demand accessible in every region of every state, paid for by taxes and by government-mandated private insurance premiums.”    

“Now, the Freedom of Choice Act is not highest legislative priority.”

Really. Some would argue that Obama is stepping back from the Freedom of Choice Act because of the huge amount of pro-lifers ready to pounce. Wish it were true.

Obama is sneaking in legislation right under your nose right now.

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