Excerpts from the Wall Street Journal:  

The White House has begun bringing together a diverse group of abortion-rights supporters and opponents to help craft policies both sides can embrace: preventing unwanted pregnancies and reducing demand for abortion….The effort could also be in his political interests.

Some in the anti-abortion community, for instance, suggested more support for pregnancy ‘crisis centers,’ which discourage women from having abortions. But abortion-rights supporters say these centers give out inaccurate information. Abortion-rights supporters want more support for contraception, which some abortion opponents are unenthusiastic about.

“There will still be women who need abortion and still groups trying very hard to prevent access to that right,” said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women. She is fine with the president reaching out to the other side, she said, as long as his policies continue to support the abortion-rights agenda.

At least one of the loudest voices in the abortion debate wasn’t in the room. Douglas Johnson, legislative director of National Right to Life, said he wasn’t invited to participate, “We think this is a political hoax mapped out by career pro-abortion activists and adopted by a politician with an abortion record far to the left of the mainstream.”

What exactly is going on here?  A big bunch of nothing, so far, for the pro-life supporters. And while I’m still trying to figure out why NARAL and NOW and PPFA have an opinion about anything, I have to remind myself and the reader that it’s all about eventual government funding of contraception and abortion on demand. And be not deceived…this is also for the LGBT&Q’s and whatever issues they think the goverment should pay for.

It makes perfect sense. Then why would the National Right to Life not be invited? Pro-lifers seek funding, too, for Crisis Pregnancy Centers. These centers are not always faith-based, they are usually secular. The baby killers want ALL THE MONEY. However, if I had researched it correctly, if a Crisis Pregnancy Center accepts government money, they have to also direct you to abortion related services. I dont’ think it’s worth it (like my opinion matters…). Anyway…

To continue:  At the start of the initiative, the White House took off the table any discussion of whether abortion should be legal.

Why bother having this meeting? It’s all a big bunch of nothing that I’m sure our taxes paid for. But are all the decisions already made? I really hope not but I can’t help feeling that they have.

This administration believes that handing out birth control pills and condoms helps to reduce abortion. What is does is make kids and teens sexually active and more so if they THINK they can’t get pregnant. Half of high school aged kids are sexually active and nearly half of those will get a STD by the age of 25 because their behaviour toward sex is flippant.

If it’s over, NOW WHAT??  When it looks bleak, and it does, when decisions are made by this administration regardless if the taxpayers want it or not, it is up to us as CHRISTIANS to teach and preach the necessity of love, honour, Jesus and the Bible to the kids. We will have to attack this one at a time, one crisis at a time, one teen at a time, one mom at a time.

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