It matters who tells the story. It’s kind of like, would you buy a used car from ‘that guy’? And we chuckle at the absurdity of it. But when the important issues come up, who would you believe? Someone you trust, of course.

I appreciate Miss California taking up for God-ordained marriage, between a man and a woman. But really, would you trust the opinion of a woman that professes to be a Christian wearing a bikini in front of millions OR a Christian woman who walks the walk?

The example is this cartoon I found on the web:


This is how the WORLD views the opinion of a professed Christian woman that has no problem wearing a bikini in front of millions. The world already has a dim view of what Christians are and this doesn’t make it any better. So, instead of listening to her ‘message’, everyone is fixated on her recently found nude photos. Nice.

This is why I get so exasperated with people that have an opinion without thinking first. Democrats are a great example of shouting your mouth off and thinking about it later. They tell American citizens that they seek to help the economy but behind closed doors they fund abortions. They tell American citizens that they want to help with health care but this health care will include contraceptives for minors.

So, here’s my point….Obama is wearing a bikini – the ‘picture’ is so absurd that no one really hears what he’s saying but can’t quite keep their eyes off the spectacle. You never saw it coming.

POINT 1:  He’s dressing up a health care plan that covers baby killing, sex ed for your minor child and assisted suicide while wearing a bikini. It’s a spectacle. 

POINT 2:A Christian that is not separated from the world gets zero respect from the world and REAL Christians. It’s a spectacle.

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