There is current legislation and accusation regarding a brave woman’s investigation into the actual practices of Planned Parenthood from one state to another. But, this is what happened in Tennessee.

You know, I get a little tiredof the blah blah blah rhetoric that the ACLU and PPFA and the rest of the Democrats have to say. These idiots will twist themselves inside out to keep killing the babies and ruining the lives of our children.

From the Tennessee Right to Life:  In a dramatic show of pro-life leadership, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey called on state legislators to move quickly on Senate Bill 470, a proposal which would make the funding of public health departments a priority in the awarding of governmental contracts for programs including family planning and other health services for women in need.  Renewed action on the proposal comes just days following release of video showing a Memphis Planned Parenthood abortion counselor coaching a supposed 14-year-old to lie to a judge about the age of her 31-year-old boyfriend.  Additionally the video appears to show violations of state law which requires the immediate reporting of suspected cases of statutory rape and abuse of minors.

But the ACLU-TN says:  This resolution (SJR127) is the first step toward amending the State Constitution to take away the privacy protection as it pertains to women seeking abortions. Were Roe v. Wade to be overturned, and our State Constitution to be amended, women in Tennessee would not be protected under the current state constitutional right to privacy that ensures a woman can obtain an abortion. 

From  MEMPHIS – The Shelby County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing whether to begin an investigation of a Memphis Planned Parenthood Clinic. It was recently revealed that one of the clinic employees told an alleged victim of statutory rape to hide the identity of her perpetrator. The videotape of this employee was cited by state legislators in conjunction with a proposed bill to divert taxpayer subsidies from Planned Parenthood. The bill passed a Tennessee House of Representatives Health & Human Resources sub-Committee on Monday.

Currently Planned Parenthood’s two Tennessee affiliates share an estimated $1.1 million in taxpayer funding.  SB 470 & HB 1756 would require a process by which local and county health departments would receive priority consideration before distributing tax funds to private organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

Would anyone have known about any of this had Lila rose from Live Action not investigated it for herself?

Sponsors of a proposal to change the Tennessee Constitution to allow the state to impose stricter limits on abortion say they expect it to pass the House with little opposition.

“Our state constitution should not be amended to take away a woman’s rights to privacy and reproductive freedom,” Hedy Weinberg, executive director of the ACLU-TN said. “ACLU-TN will continue to lobby against SJR127 and is preparing to mount an aggressive public awareness campaign to defeat the initiative if it is placed on the 2014 ballot.”

This ACLU bunch of garbage has nothing to do with women or their reproductive FREEDOM. This has to do with MINOR GIRLS getting abortions on demand and contraceptives without the parents knowledge or consent. Oh, and taking their money, too.  “A proposal which would make the funding of public health departments a priority in the awarding of governmental contracts for programs including family planning and other health services for women in need. Here’s what – for every ‘procedure’ done, the government will pay back Planned Parenthood or any other publicly funded medical clinic. More birth control pills, more money. More abortions, more money.

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