Regarding the Notre Dame Debacle, Leslie Hanks, chief of the Collaborators Project, writes:

“As public awareness grows about President Obama’s invitation to address Notre Dame’s upcoming commencement, South Bend, Ind., is increasingly becoming ground zero in the ongoing abortion war, which has led to nearly 50 million innocent lives having been destroyed. … Were he aware, he could not – in good conscience – continue his strong advocacy of killing pre-born babies in their mother’s wombs.”Obama and Notre Dame

Notre Dame was stupid in what they did in inviting a pro-abortion person, regardless of who he/she is. And Obama is so horribly arrogant to even consider going much less actually showing up.

And regarding his choice for Office of Legal Counsel:

Rep. Steve King, an Iowa Republican, was part of a group of 63 lawmakers to previously ask Obama to withdraw the nomination and he sent his own letter today to further urge him to scrap Johnsen…Dawn Johnsen has drawn strong opposition not only for her ties to the pro-abortion group but for filing a legal paper on its behalf with the Supreme Court equating pregnancy with slavery.

Declaring that Dawn Johnsen “is so against an unborn child’s right-to-live that she has labeled mothers-to-be ‘fetal containers’,” King says she is not the kind of person who should be providing any president with key legal advice.

What about Harold Hongju Koh?

Harold Hongju Koh, a transnationalist, the Yale Law School dean whom Pres. Barack Obama has nominated for the critical position of legal adviser to the State Department……Harold Koh’s nomination is being challenged by conservative Republicans who contend he wants to “subjugate” the U.S. Constitution because he supports voluntary U.S. participation in bodies like the International Criminal Court…..He prefers the transnational-progressive vision of a post-sovereign order in which terror networks and rogue states are to be controlled by the luminous power of the law. Not American law, or even international law, but global law. He also backs abortion.

How does this tie in?

This is where the whole home-grown terrorist/activist DHS train wreck comes in, beside other sundry items such as the new ‘hate crimes’ legislation. Democrats are more and more buying into the global law idea, I would think because the Obama Administration seeks to rule as much of this globe as possible. This is a step-by-step process they are using in promoting, hiring or nominating the type of individuals that really think that they are so far more superiour to the average American Citizen. In other words, we are ignorant and in need of being herded like cattle.

Right now abortion seems so sickening normal, especially in particular parts of the nation, but this whole global law mentality that always stays on the side of the Democrats will make it a hate crime to be pro-life or speak against it.

It’s an obamination.

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