First of all, the responsibility falls upon a woman if she indeed will have unprotected, pre-marital sex. Anyway…

This is a speech from Missouri State Senator, Joan Bray, yesterday evening (5/13/09). But this morning Sen. Jack Goodman, R-Mt. Vernon, called Bray’s remarks “highly offensive” and “slanderous.”  Read on:

“After multiple years on this issue, I’m sick of it. I’m totally sick of it. I’m sick of women being treated like they are so stupid that they can’t make their own decisions regarding their reproductive rights and their bodies.

I’m sick of women having no options, and being coerced to give birth. I’m sick of a bunch of men around here, year after year after year, piling up restriction after restriction after restriction on women who found themselves in a very unhappy, unpleasant circumstance of an unwanted pregnancy.

Missouri has the most restrictive abortion laws in the country and, as a result, Missouri’s women are put in danger when they finally do ever get to have an abortion — they’re later and they’re tougher abortions to have because there are so many barriers to Missouri women getting to have a safe and legal abortion.

I am sick of the disrespect for women who come to the Capitol defending a woman’s legal right to choose an abortion. I am sick that they’re being treated dismissively and rudely.

I’m sick of the ethic around here that men are pro-life for their wives and pro-choice for their girlfriends.

I’m sick of the failure to take steps that would, in fact, reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies, through sex education, contraception, family planning and emergency contraception.

No man in this body will ever have an unwanted pregnancy. But, mark my word, your daughters, your wives, your sisters, your granddaughters, your nieces will. And your actions here tonight will disrespect and diminish them.”

Bray is not a ‘friend of women’, she’s a monster.

The law requires a doctor or “qualified professional” to give women seeking an abortion various warnings of potential complications and a medical description of the procedure. An abortion clinic also must provide information about various services that might be available should women need aid, including information about adoption. The bill also offers the possibility of an ultrasound 24 hours before the abortion…..The bill includes a provision that allows the Planned Parenthood clinic in Columbia — one of two abortion clinics in the state — to have until 2012 to fulfill the requirements of the law.

It’s women that’s hurting women in the abortion fight.

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