“The legislative powers of government reach to actions only – not to opinions,” said Thomas Jefferson during the infant stage of our country. It was understood then; what happened that we now have ’empathy’ for those that are a biblical abomination?

Christians view homosexuality as a sin against God and a crime against humanity, which seems to be the tip of the iceberg of the so-called new hate crime legislation, or known as Federal assistance to States, local jurisdictions, and Indian tribes to prosecute hate crimes, and for other purposes.


This bill will make it possible for those who engage in deviant sexual behavior such as bestiality or pedophilia to also be protected under the “sexual orientation” clause. It was confirmed by Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Florida, that it would protect “all 547 forms of sexual deviancy or ‘paraphilias’ listed by the American Psychiatric Association.

In fact, as FBI statistics reveal, in the relatively few instances where bias-motivated crimes are committed against homosexuals or cross-dressers, those crimes are, without fail, zealously prosecuted under existing law. Victims are granted “equal protection of the laws” regardless of sexual preference or proclivity, says the Philidelphia Bulletin.

“In addition to posing a litany of constitutional problems, today’s legislation alarmingly overturns the cornerstone of equality in our justice system by placing a higher value on one life over another,” said Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) on the House floor. “In no way could I support a bill that more harshly punishes criminals who kill a homosexual, transvestite or transsexual than criminals who kill a police officer, a member of the military, a child, or a senior citizen,” according to the Voice Magazine.

Is there a bottom line? Where is it?

OH YES THERE IS. What the gay agenda is trying to do is get this thing passed so that pulpit preachers, street preachers, all churches, and anything or anyone else of God would not be able to preach against the homosexual life style which, in their eyes, is seen as ‘hate’. God does not hate the homosexual, He hates the sin of it.

Why in the world would gays give a rip of what is said in a church, anyway? But it’s not even that…it’s the deviancy of the rest of this bill that resembles a used roll of toilet paper.

Deviancy affirms cultural values and norms, it also clarifies moral boundaries, promotes social unity by creating an us/them mentality. That being said, then a deviant knows that it is not normal behaviour.  The Bible confirms that these particular behaviours stated within the American Psychiatric Association are truly not of God and known as abominations.

My opinion? I know you’re dying to know….

The whole deviant thing is to throw us off the real issue….the GAY AGENDA, and it is an agenda. By getting us to freak out about pedophiles and bestiality being ‘legal’ and burning our brain cells on it, then the gay thing won’t be so bad, now would it? It’s a pitiful slight-of-hand crummy trick.

Homosexuality is a sin against God and the laws of nature, just as DEVIANT as bestiality and pedophilia. I will tell the truth regardless of whomever it hurts, and if it hurts your feelings or makes you MAD, then maybe God is trying to tell you something.

I’m an American Citizen. I HAVE RIGHTS.

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