Anti-abortion & where the Church needs to be.

Until the Church is involved, we will get nowhere in the fight for Life.

A crowd estimated at between 300 and 1100 people gathered on Sunday, May 17, outside the San Diego County Administration Building for a “Choose Life!” rally. The rally was scheduled to coincide with President Barack Obama’s commencement speech at Notre Dame University. Event organizers said the official crowd estimate by San Diego police was 1100.

“Many of the pastors involved (in this rally) have national influence and have the ability to spark a revival that could sweep the nation,” said Sullenger in a prepared statement issued following the rally. “With pro-life sentiment rapidly gaining momentum, the Church may be finally be on the verge of awakening to its responsibility to stop the shedding of innocent blood.”  Read the entire article here.

Here’s my point, unless the Church walks the walk, we get nowhere real fast. The respect for Life has to be preached and teached in the pulpit instead of ‘money cometh’, ‘kingdom now’, ‘your best life now’ and the ‘what have You done for me lately’ theology, if that’s what you want to call it.biblegen1

This is pretty basic stuff – ‘Thou shalt not kill’. So why is the Church staying away from it? Obvious…to not offend their ‘sensibilities’. You see on the news how the Church is making this great big come-back, which it kind of is. But it’s not coming back to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, it’s coming to seek ‘community’ and acceptance.

‘Christ died for you, but let’s move on,’ is what’s going on in meeting places (what used to be churches) these days. Finding Jesus in church is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There is Life in the Blood of Jesus, not in the words of men.

It’s not everyones burden to protest abortion clinics, I get that. All that I’m trying to do is get the Church involved in basic Bible teaching: Preach against fornication, against adultery, against homosexuality, against murder, against false doctrine; teach salvation and sanctification. These are the basics! When the basics are taught, then there wouldn’t be aabominations like abortion or gay marriage or pedophilia or pre-marital sex. Humans sin, but the general public sees man’s law as God. And that law is what is ruining the Church and this country.

Read the Bible and see what God has and will have for us that know Him.




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