What happened yesterday to Tiller and who did it is already history. It makes good news for now and great fodder for ultra Liberal snakes that really believe only one life was lost to abortion. But life does go on, just not in their clinics.

Rest assured, as horrible, violent, horrific Dr. George Tiller was, there is someone waiting to take his place that is most probably WORSE.

Meet Dr. Warren Hern of Boulder, Colorado. He had the nerve to say what happened to Tiller was ‘an act of terrorism’….”He said the killing was a terrorist act resulting from 35 years of anti-abortion rhetoric and intimidation….The only difference between these people and the Taliban is about 8,000 miles,” Hern said.284742148_6ba5cf8725

I’d say the difference between Hern and the Auswitch Death Camp is about 70 years.

Here are some other bright spots of Dr. Hern’s:  “Dr. Tiller is dead by an anti-abortion assassin, and this is the absolutely inevitable consequence of 35 years of anti-abortion fanatic rhetoric and intimidation and assassination violence and exploitation by the Republican Party of this movement,” Hern told the Colorado Independent.

“Every doctor that does abortions has been under an assassination threat for decades,” Hern said. “The anti-abortion movement message is, ‘Do what we tell you to do or we will kill you,’ and they do. This is a fascist movement.”

And from his ‘statement’ (of hate):   “The people of this country need to know that we do not need to invade other countries to find terrorists: they are right here killing abortion doctors. The American anti-abortion movement is the face of fascism in America. It exploits and is exploited by the darkest right-wing political forces in this country.

“Dr. Tiller’s assassination is not the lone and inexplicable action of one deranged killer. This was a political assassination in a historic pattern of antiabortion political violence. It was terrorism. It was about power.

“Dr. Tiller was assassinated because he represented an idea: freedom. He helped women. We must ask: what is the difference between this terrorism and the Taliban?”  You can read it here. But I would suggest you get a bucket first.

Actually, Dr. Tiller and Dr. Hern did not help women….they took their money, took their children and left despair and depression.

Hern, who described Tiller as “a good friend of mine,” said he doesn’t “know of any other doctors in the world doing late abortions like I am.” The Boulder Abortion Clinic, run by Hern since he founded the practice in 1975, has as its motto “Specializing in Late Abortions for Fetal Disorders”.

I would say that Dr. Hern has a hate issue and an axe to grind against the Conservative Right, women and children. He is also destined to Hell with his good friend Dr. Tiller.

Has anyone seen Kathleen Sebelius, Dr. Tiller’s good friend? Anyone? Anyone?

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