It has been discussed at my church how incredible it is that ANY church would affiliate with such a person as Dr. George Tiller. Having such a person in a house of worship can scandalize the entire congregation.

Here is my case in point:

Let me go back in time for just a bit. I am of Sicilian heritage and I’m from St. Louis, Missouri. A place I adore, it’s my home town. I was as unsaved as unsaved get “but not a bad person” and very naive. My best friend’s dad (I will not mention his name) was acting boss of the St. Louis Family and consigliere and eventually a FBI informant in his last years. My Aunt Marie’s next door neighbour was a man that was head of the Syrian faction, another crime family. This head of the Syrian faction had a grandson that we hung around with. These were “Career Men”; made men. This was ‘normal’ to me.

These men and their co-workers and family and associates went to a church near downtown call St. Raymond’s. I found it fascinating that a church would allow such people, known mobsters, to worship there. Since I was of Sicilian blood, I was a stone-cold Catholic and so were these Career Men. But even so, how is it okay to have these people in a congregation when they are known murderers, thieves, ran narcotics, prostitution, and whatever else that was illegal? Even in my very naive unsaved mind, I did not understand how a church would give these guys a pass.

It was money. Pure and simple, the ‘Career Men’ needed to be forgiven for what they did all week and St. Raymond’s was willing to take the flack and their money, marry their daughters and baptize their babies.

Rev. Lowell

Getting back to Wichita….Such as Rev. Lowell Michelson and the Reformation Lutheran Church. I am sick to know that anyone would associate with a man that deliberately killed viable preborn children for money, much less a church that is supposed to profess faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately this is where the modern church is going….nowhere real fast.


Instead of taking this heinous thing to the Lord as a congregation, “To help people work through those emotions, the church is bringing in the crisis intervention experts and making them available for large group, small group and individual counseling.”  Where is God? Does this Reverend Lowell even know Him? “Rev. Lowell Michelson thinks the healing process will involve a mix of personal reflection and conversation with others, but also some moments of everyday life.”

Actually, what this congregation needs to take into consideration is why they would allow a known murderer near their church. They knew he was guarded and had been shot before and wears a bullet proof vest and that his employees have had death threats. He lived his life thumbing his nose at the world for the living he chose to make killing babies.

This cannot be sorted out without understanding the Lord Jesus Christ. If these people were saved by the blood, which I’m sure they’re not, they would have no need of psychologists. They would only need the Comforter, the Healer; Jesus Christ. He is our only need.

Do you want to know what happened to these ‘Career Men’ that I used to know? Do you want to know what sin can do?  My best friend’s dad died in the early 80’s of pneumonia. The ‘old man’, the Syrian crime boss that lived next door to my Aunt Marie? He went for a drive one day, on I-55 when his car was blown to bits, with him in it. The grandson was gunned down in front of a popular restaurant where he had just finished having lunch, a place where I used to go. He did survive, though.

Unless there was  heart change near death, I know these men are in Hell. You see, Church did not save them. Only Jesus Saves.

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