In Obama’s world, we are weak, stupid and blind. Read on:

“Barack Obama is a committed Christian. He was sworn into the Senate on his family Bible. He has regularly attended church with his wife and daughters for years. But shameful, shadowy attackers have been lying about Barack’s religion, claiming he is a Muslim instead of a committed Christian. When people fabricate stories about someone’s faith to denigrate them politically, that’s an attack on people of all faiths. Make sure everyone you know is aware of this deception.”

Whew…it took a bit before I could gather myself after that. Now that’s funny…my side still hurts.  This is the same guy that has a muslim father, the same guy that refuses to prove where he was actually born, the same guy that said this is not a Christian nation, the same guy – COMMITTED CHRISTIAN – that declared June to be LGBT pride month, the same guy said there is middle ground in the abortion issue.

“”The President himself experienced Islam on three continents before he was able to – or before he’s been able to visit, really, the heart of the Islamic world — you know, growing up in Indonesia, having a Muslim father…” Yep. Sounds like a faithful Christian man to me.TE.OBAMA15P1

“The number of Muslims in the U.S. would make America one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” claimed President Obama.  “Now, the flip side is I think that the United States and the West generally, we have to educate ourselves more effectively on Islam. And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslims Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. And so there’s got to be a better dialogue and a better understanding between the two peoples.” 

You can thank the Canadian government for the excess of Muslims in this country. How can I say such a thing, you may ask. Well, I’ll tell ya. I lived in the Detroit area for many years, and my sons and grandson still live there. A man I used to work with was from Jordan and he said he had a lot of family in Canada as well as the Middle East. So I asked him point blank – “Why is your family in Canada?” And he said, and I quote, “It’s easier to be a Canadian citizen so we can get into the U.S.” Of course I asked why…he said that they come here for college and to start businesses.

Now, as I said, I was in the Detroit area a lot of years. The largest community of Middle Eastern persons outside of the Middle East are in the Detroit area. Detroit and surrounding towns have bowed down to these people to the point of  public foot washing stations, even in major universities.  Muslims come here because the government gives them money to start businesses and go to school. You cannot believe how many Muslims own businesses in Michigan and Ohio. Call me whatever you want, but I heard it out of the mouth of a Muslim Jordanian.

The two main bridges, Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron (Sarnia ONT to Port Huron, MI) and the Ambassador Bridge (Detroit MI to Windsor, ONT) were near lock-down during Desert Storm and 9/11. If, for one itty bitty minute, you don’t believe that the Muslims want the United States…then I suggest you refresh your memory regarding what happened September 11, 2001.

Obama is stacking the deck right before our eyes.

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