As far as the heath care system:  “Many conservative groups have pointed to Canada’s universal health care system as a reason to keep the American health care system in the private sector. Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s campaign, for example, launched an ad campaign last week featuring a Canadian woman named Shona Holmes who was diagnosed with brain tumor and says in the ad the only way she survived was by seeking treatment in America.”

Again, experience is the best teacher….Friends of mine from Manitoba visit frequently for our church and I asked a simple question one day, at least I thought it was simple, “Since you are Canadian citizens and you come to the U.S. for months at a time, what do you do for health care?” As I mentioned in a previous article, I lived so close to Canada I could throw a rock to it, so I know a little bit about the system there. Anyway, they said, “You don’t what that”, that I already knew, so I asked why. She began to tell me about a family member that was ill, an older man, in his sixties. He was there for long-term treatment and while his family was there, everything was fine. One day when they left, they pulled all life support. Hospital said that this man had ‘the paper’ signed to not resuscitate. There was no paper signed, no one in the family signed anything. This man died because it cost the system money. This man died because his family trusted the hospital. So what happened here was “Reverse Triage”. The Canadian health system is terrific if you and your family is well. This particular couple I know from Manitoba buys American health insurance and spends as much time in the U.S. as possible. Heaven forbid you were to have a child with abnormalities.  I wish I could go into more detail on how bad socialized medicine is, maybe later.

Pass - Fail?
Pass - Fail?

You know how it is…when you accept jewelry, you’ve made a committment:   King Abdullah, who is putting Obama up at his lavish desert horse farm, showered Obama with compliments as he handed him the jewellery, which he said carries special meaning….

“Those are only given to the very few friends of the king, and you are certainly one of those,” Abdullah said as he presented the thick chain and large medallion to Obama in an ornate meeting room with marble columns, engraved mirrors and a large chandelier.  Obama replied: “I consider the king’s friendship a great blessing, and I am very appreciative that he would bestow this honour on me during this visit.”  Then, as an aide approached him with the necklace, Obama exclaimed: “Goodness gracious. That’s something there.”  The king draped it around Obama’s neck, and the taller Obama bent his head low to accept it.”

Is this the bunch Odrama bowed down to months ago? I’ll have to find that article……darned virus ate my RECENT hard drive (you know who you are).

“”I’ve been struck by his wisdom and his graciousness,”…..Abdullah, in turn, expressed his “best wishes to the friendly American people who are represented by a distinguished man who deserves to be in this position.”

The Gay Agenda:  “Gay rights campaigners (complainers), most of them Democrats who supported Obama in November, have begun to voice their public frustration with Obama’s inaction, small jokes at their community’s expense and deafening silence on what they see as the signal civil rights issue of this era.” 

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Odrama makes June his official Gay Agenda Month and still there’s griping. Here’s a great big WHATEVER.  Hate crimes??? I HATE how they are taking over the public school system with their agenda. I HATE how they are turning a covenant with Almighty God into a farce, I HATE how they continually try to make Christians and the government accept their CHOICE and try to turn it into law, I HATE how they HATE my Lord and Saviour.

I’m not real sorry for the rant.

“The president remains fully committed to advancing LGBT rights. His positions on all of these issues are well-established and well-known. His staff continues to work with Congress on a variety of LGBT issues,” said Jim Messina, the deputy White House chief of staff who is the point man on gay and lesbian issues, citing White House efforts to move hate crimes legislation through the Senate. “While we recognize that some in the community are anxious, the president’s commitment has not wavered.”

So what else is there to complain about?  We have a president that wants to conform and bow down to the Muslims, the gay agenda, baby killers…the clear and present danger is that the government has turned it’s back on American citizens.

This is going to be a long four years. And this is not a time to do on the job training.

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